Former American ace praises Rafael Nadal

Former American ace praises Rafael Nadal

Spaniard Rafael Nadal spoke about Matteo Berretini and Marin Cilic’s Covid positives, welcoming their gesture to voluntarily withdraw from the tournament and saying that if he is in a position to test positive he will do so “in the most responsible way ” act.

Nadal claimed in a press conference focused on the Covid issue that he didn’t know what he would do if he found himself in the situation of Cilic and Berrettini, who after testing positive decided to withdraw from the tournament, but that he would do most responsibly.

“I hope I don’t see myself in this situation. When I see myself, I will act as responsibly as possible. For me it depends a lot on the situations, but general health comes first,” said the man from Manacor.

“The disease is milder at the moment. I don’t have the information, I don’t have all the numbers, but it’s what I see in people going through it. I think she’s losing lethality. Anyway, it’s a much deeper debate and I’m not ready to analyze it.

“Outside it’s difficult to have direct contact, but anything can happen. I’m fine, I feel fine, no problems. I’m sorry for him, he’s playing very well. I can imagine how sad he must be,” the Spaniard also spoke about the protocol that the tournament has and that leaves it up to the tennis players to go or not depending on how they are, assuring that the organization should not consult them when making some rules or others.

Roddick pays tribute to Nadal

Andy Roddick has said that Rafael Nadal might be the best volleyball player in the world. “Nadal has maybe the best volleys in the world. It’s not talked about because he doesn’t come forward that often.

I love seeing it on the lawn. Similar to Hewitt. Short list of the best volleys of our generation. I just didn’t have to do it that often,” Roddick wrote. Former doubles No.1 Mark Woodforde recently said on the US Open podcast that he thinks Nadal is the best volleyball player in the game right now.

“Even commenting now and watching when I see Nadal going on the net today, I say it quite often, I think he’s the best volley in our game today,” Woodforde said. “His technique isn’t always the best, but he always volleys into the open space.

I hit a ton of low volleys and a ton of half volleys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that guy hit a half volley, he’s always in the right place.”

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