'Rafael Nadal hoped that the scans weren’t...', says former ATP ace

“Rafael Nadal hoped the scans wouldn’t…” says the former ATP ace

Nick Kyrgios has always been considered one of the most talented tennis players in the world. However, the 27-year-old Australian was never able to fully exploit his character-related talent. Nick has alternated big victories (he’s one of the few to have won all of the Big 3) with crushing defeats and in recent years the situation had deteriorated.

The added tennis allegations from his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari had made things even more complicated, but now Nick seems to have found his full maturity. Winning the final at Wimbledon (also with a bit of luck) gave Nick the best result of his career, a result that will not earn him any points but could well make tennis history.

Ahead of him will be a tough rival, Novak Djokovic, the man who has dominated the tennis scene for years, especially on grass. Throughout his career, Kyrgios has spoken out about his difficulties several times and one of Nick’s various issues was obesity, which he suffered from at a young age.

At the tennis majors’ microphones, Kyrgios made the following statement: “Every time I see this photo (a photo of Nick who is quite overweight at the age of 9) it is incredible. I look like Manny from Modern Family and it makes me laugh to think that that kid could be me.

I think my example should serve all those children who have been marginalized and at some point have been surrounded by negative thoughts. I convey the idea that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. I’ve always believed in myself, I’ve never lost faith, even though a lot of people doubted my chances.”

Kyrgios reached the final thanks to Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal and the Australian commented on the Spaniard’s decision: “I couldn’t talk to Rafa, I found out everything at the dinner before his press conference.

My first feeling was disappointment. I had focused all my energy on facing him, on my playing tactics, on the emotions, on the pitch and everything else. It wasn’t an easy decision for him.”

Roddick talks about Rafa Nadal

Andy Roddick also contradicted her statement, stating that Rafael Nadal was right to try to win the match hoping he could recover in time for the semifinals.

The former US Open winner added that it’s not Nadal’s job to “protect the other players”. “No…he should have tried to win and then hoped the scans weren’t too bad and he could recover,” Roddick wrote. “It wasn’t you and he can’t. It’s not his job to protect the other players.”

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