'Rafael Nadal's hotel rooms are already booked', says TD

“Rafael Nadal’s hotel rooms are already booked,” says TD

Rafael Nadal’s season has been excellent so far. The former world No. 1 won the Australian Open and Roland Garros, leaving everyone speechless after last year’s difficulties. Suffice it to say that the Spanish phenomenon had played just seven official tournaments in 2021 before raising the white flag due to a sore foot.

After winning the first two majors of 2022, the 36-year-old from Manacor also went in pursuit of the big goal in Wimbledon. Rafa removed the initial gridlock and reached the semifinals by beating Taylor Fritz despite tearing his abdomen.

The Iberian did everything he could to open the field against Nick Kyrgios but decided to give up in the end so as not to make things worse. The Mallorcan is set to return to training these days and plans to return to Canada next month.

At the presentation of the Masters 1000 in Montreal, which takes place from August 7th to 14th, director Eugène Lapierre confirmed the presence of the 22-time Grand Slam champion.

Latest update on Rafa Nadal

Eugène Lapierre, director of the Montreal Masters 1000, which takes place from August 7th to 14th, gave reassuring news about Rafael Nadal during the press conference introducing the tournament.

Therefore, after threatening the players regarding the Covid tests, the Quebecer spoke about the men in the 22 Grand Slams, who had already announced that they wanted to play this tournament as a resumption and in preparation for the US Open.

“Nadal is keen to come to Montreal and his hotel rooms are already booked. He was sent a box of balls to use in preparation during the tournament. He is expected to return to training on Monday.” During an interaction with EuroSport, the 36-year-old spoke about how every athlete competing in an individual sport needs to have the right coach in order to thrive.

“In team sports you have a coach who is the club,” said Nadal. “You hire a coach and the player gets paid too. But the coach is the boss. In our sport, I’m the one who pays the coach, the physical trainer, the physical therapist.

In the end you are the boss. If you’re not making all the people around you feel free to say things, good or bad, without jeopardizing your job, don’t get help.

If you don’t have the humility to listen to the things you don’t like that much, it’s difficult for you to continue on the right path,” Nadal said.

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