'If Roger Federer is your hero...', says former American star

“If Roger Federer is your hero…” says the former American star

Roger Federer first achieved notable goals in 2002 when he played in the inaugural Masters 1000 final in Miami and in May in Hamburg won the first title at this level by beating Marat Safin in the final. The next day, the Swiss broke the top 10 for the first time after months of staying in the top 15, clearing that hurdle and expecting an impressive performance at Roland Garros and Wimbledon like a year ago.

Instead, he suffered early losses at both Grand Slams and lost ground in the coming months. In the fall indoor season, he made a last-ditch attempt to reclaim positions in the ATP rankings and secure a spot at the Masters Cup in Shanghai for the first time.

In early 2003, the Swiss failed to play at his best in Doha and Sydney after suffering a groin injury. He lost to David Nalbandian in the fourth round of the Australian Open, missing another attempt at a Major crown. Roger raised the bar for him in February, notching two Davis Cup wins and clinching trophies in Marseille and Dubai and looking for more of the same at the season-opening Masters 1000 event in Indian Wells.

The Swiss had to work hard in the first test in the desert, beating Felix Mantilla 6-7 6-4 4-1 when the Spaniard was eliminated in the deciding set. It was Roger’s 21st win of 2003, leading the segment in that segment and gaining confidence ahead of the next meetings in Indian Wells and Miami.

“I haven’t played for a few days after winning Dubai and when you start again my body hurts. It’s good to come to each tournament after winning the trophy in the previous one; It gives me confidence, especially before an event as important as Indian Wells.”

Roddick praises Roger Federer

Andy Roddick revealed his ‘jealousy’ of Roger Federer while speaking on the Kasich and Klepper podcast. He claimed the Swiss personality made him more jealous than any of his achievements.

“It’s its ease of use, right?” said Roddick. “If the way he’s able to go about his business, I’d, you know, play a practice game, be out there for two hours. I would play it the same way I would play three days later in the first heat of a slam and I would walk past Roger’s seat and he’s laughing and joking.

And he’s relaxed. That’s where my jealousy came in: the way he could kind of take care of his duties off court, kind of always be in a good mood, which was incredibly annoying for the rest of us moody people,” he added.

“He has this simple operation that inspires envy, but he’s a great person,” Roddick said. “They say don’t meet your heroes, I say if the fed is your hero you should look for this introduction.”

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