'Congratulations again to Novak Djokovic who...', says politician

“Congratulations once again to Novak Djokovic who…” says the politician

Australian tennis player John Millman suggests that it’s nonsense that someone positive for COVID-19 can enter the United States but Novak Djokovic can’t because he hasn’t been vaccinated. Recently, the United States relaxed some of its measures against COVID-19, allowing foreigners to enter the country without testing negative.

However, foreign travelers are still required to provide proof of vaccination. “Thought for the day. I can be Covid positive and fly to the US, no questions asked because I am vaccinated. But someone who has recovered from Covid, is now Covid negative but has not been vaccinated will be refused entry.

I know border laws exist but please help me understand this,” Millman wrote on Twitter. “I’m gone with Covid. I just happened to be in the US and didn’t feel like there were too many recommendations or guidelines being followed there.

Which is fine but then again I don’t understand why @DjokerNole can’t compete,” Millman tweeted earlier this week. After Millman received some criticism for showing his support for Djokovic, Millman came clean. “Let me be clear.

If everyone in the country follows the guidelines, then I am in favor of a vaccination entry policy. But from what I’ve seen, hardly anyone has, the tournament allows citizens who haven’t been vaccinated to play, and only 30% have been vaccinated,” Millman added in another tweet.

Last week Millman started his North American tour on hard court at the Atlanta Open. Millman, who lost in the round of 16 in Atlanta, tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of his Atlanta participation. The US Open starts on August 29 and Djokovic is preparing as if he could compete in the tournament.

Joron opens Djokovic

French politician and MEP Virginie Joron has extended her support for Novak Djokovic, slamming the rules of certain countries refusing him entry. In response to the news of the 35-year-old tennis player’s withdrawal from the Canadian Open, Joron offered her opinion on the matter.

“Canada, Australia, there are countries like this that have decided to exclude part of the population from a vaccine that does not prevent contamination and transmission of the virus. We will discover other more hospitable countries.

Congratulations again to Novak Djokovic for not giving up!” tweeted Joron. A major development in his favor came last week when US Representative Claudia Tenney wrote a letter to the US Government and Secretary of State.

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