Carlos Alcaraz: 'I did specific work to adapt...'

“I’ve been working purposefully to adapt…”

In his recent interviews, Carlos Alcaraz has made himself even better known to the world. The young Spaniard achieved several important milestones in 2022, which on the one hand amazed and on the other confirmed his great strength and the prospects he may have in the immediate future.

The Iberian has managed to win at least one set in all of the 49 matches already played this year: a truly impressive number that shows how difficult it is to beat the 19-year-old, both in best-of-three as well as in best-of-three best-of-five sentences.

The current world No. 4 has also reached 100 official matches on the ATP circuit, winning 75 of them (an absolute record unmatched by any player in history). Alcaraz recently spoke to the Gazzetta dello Sport and analyzed the tournaments that await him: “Now it’s off to North America, where I won in Miami in 2022 and reached the semifinals in Indian Wells.

The goal is to play at the highest possible level and collect as many points as possible. Then there’s the Us Open: In New York I want to do what I couldn’t do at the other Slams, namely get through the quarter-finals,” he emphasized.

On the possibility of winning a Grand Slam: “I think I’m close since I reached the quarterfinals. Up until now I’ve always been missing something, maybe a bit of experience in matches 3 out of 5 sets, but I’m not far from achieving it.

I don’t care which one to conquer first…I don’t feel like being picky about Slam titles,” he added jokingly.”

Alcaraz wants to win a Grand Slam

Carlos Alcaraz, who is the fourth-biggest player in the world after a stunning first part of the season (only six losses for six finals played and four titles won), is therefore number two in a Masters 1000 for the first time in his career thanks to combined absences Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev.

A new status that he finds a little hard to digest. “I grew up so quickly. I still can’t believe I’m seeded number two in a Masters 1000, it’s amazing and I wasn’t expecting it at the beginning of the year. And honestly, I still can’t believe it right now.

It’s something I wanted at the beginning of the year but I didn’t think it was possible yet,” said Carlos, before speaking about his hard training of the tournament to get used to those pitches. I played points and sets with the best players here.”

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