Nick Kyrgios: 'Whether I won or lost, I just wanted...'

“Whether I won or lost, I just wanted…”

At 27, Nick Kyrgios appears to be in the prime of his career. Being close to his first Grand Slam seems to have changed some of the controversial Australian player’s perceptions.

“I play for a lot more than myself, I feel like I have a completely different mindset. A few years ago after getting a big Grand Slam result I would have struggled to keep going, finding the motivation, I was probably a bit more selfish.

Now I feel like I took some time off to go to the Bahamas, but I still trained there every day. I thought about coming to these tournaments and being in shape to play. You know, Marcos Giron is in the top 50 in the world, it’s not easy to beat him in an hour.

I’m giving everything I can, I’m very motivated at the moment,” commented the current number 63 in the world. Referring to the various controversial attitudes he has at the track, he hinted: “Sometimes I feel a bit like a perfectionist, maybe I’m too hard on myself.

When someone wins a match in an hour it’s normal to be happy, but sometimes I can win 6-3, 4-0 and still get angry about things. The Wimbledon final made me obsessed with playing every point perfectly, but that’s not realistic.

Nobody plays a match without making unforced mistakes, not even Djokovic or Nadal, we all fail. “I think I’ll be a little bit kinder to myself, I’ll stop waiting to play every perfect point. All of this is a new experience, there are players who reach a Grand Slam final and then suffer for the next six months, I don’t want that to happen to me,” he concluded in statements captured by Break Point .

What’s next for Nick Kyrgios?

At his post-match press conference, the Australian said he now plays with confidence and is always keen to get on the pitch and compete. “[The change in schedule and court] maybe gave me a little more time to prepare and think about what I kinda didn’t like.

I almost wanted to get on the pitch quicker and just get it done. Whether I won or lost, I just wanted to get off the pitch to be honest,” said Nick Kyrgios. “I find [I have some edge on my opponents]you’re looking at someone like Serena [Williams] or Roger [Federer]before opponents enter the field, they may not sleep so well at night.

It’s more the aura or their results or their accolades that you’re trying to compare than they are,” he said. “Now when people come up against me, ‘he’s got a huge win streak, he has to play well, did this, did that.’ This can cloud your ability to just go out and perform.

I think some of the opponents I’ve faced may have felt that a bit over the past few weeks,” he added.

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