Nick Kyrgios: 'You guys are acting like...'

“You’re acting like…”

The Wimbledon final, the win in Washington, Daniil Medvedev’s hair in Montreal. Nick Kyrgios, inexcusable delay aside, has finally shed the pesky bad-boy label on his back to finally break the wall of abnormality.

The talented Aussie, expected to come back after one set and overcome his poor physical condition, only won a tough match against the world no. A 6-7(2) 6-4 6-2 that certifies all the good work the Australian tennis player has put in over the past few months and who is fast approaching one of the favorites in the tournament.

Trouble continued for the Russian, who completely lost control of the game in the closing stages of the period. The serve completely determines the balance of the challenge. At least until Kyrgios 5-4. The Australian tennis player, who missed three opportunities to take the lead, paid for a rather questionable shot near the net in the first part of the tiebreak and was carried away by a forehand volley when the situation was already compromised with the Russian 3-1.

Medvedev, handling the situation perfectly, extends his advantage without any particular difficulty and closes the first useful set point. Kyrgios was undeterred by the circumstances. On the other hand. At the beginning of the second, in the same opening game, he concentrated most of the attention and collected the first break of the match with three practically perfect returns.

Despite less than excellent physical condition, the talented Aussie – who shows a much-needed presence on returns and relies almost obsessively on the serve-return scheme to cut down on the number of long exchanges – comes down to 5-4 and doesn’t miss the date with the tie.

Kyrgios relies less on power and more on accuracy. A paradox. The talented Aussie, who saved two very dangerous break points in the fourth game, desperately gathered strength from him in the next game like lightning.

Latest news on Kyrgios

In his press conference after his victory in the round of 32, the world no.

37 Nick Kyrgios said he never lacks confidence in big games. “You guys act like I’ve never beaten world No. 1 or anything. I’ve done it before I’ve beaten Medvedev before. I beat Roger, Novak, Rafa.

I feel like my confidence and my belief in myself is never short. I could lose five games in a row and I still think I have a chance to beat everyone,” said Kyrgios. The Australian said serving and volleying were key to disrupting the momentum of the top set, adding added that he also returned well.

“It was a tough match. I didn’t go out thinking he was world No. 1,” said Kyrgios. “We played each other three times. He hit me once, I hit him twice. I knew he was feeling confident, so I had to come up with a playstyle that wouldn’t give him too much rhythm. I served and volleyed pretty much every point.”

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