Rafael Nadal can return to world no.1

Rafael Nadal can return to world No. 1

Rafael Nadal is about to return to court in Cincinnati. The last appearance of the Spanish champion was before the semi-finals at Wimbledon, in a press conference: the one in which he announced his retirement from the penultimate act against Nick Kyrgios because of a stomach problem that has accompanied the Spaniard so much this year.

After the interrupted trip at the All England Club, he awaited a return of the winner of twenty-two Grand Slam titles to the first major stop of the season on North American hard courts, namely Montreal; However, the flat rate arrived a few days before the start, for a return in better conditions.

Rafael Nadal’s comeback will therefore take place in Cincinnati. A return that would not only take place on the tennis courts but also conceals a return to the top of the ATP ranking. In fact, the winner of two of this year’s three Grand Slam titles at the US tournament has a chance to become world number one again: a position he hasn’t held for more than two years, so off the distant January 20, 2020.

. In Cincinnati, Rafael Nadal is back in contention to regain the top of the rankings: it will depend on his results and those of Daniil Medvedev.

Rafael Nadal can return to world No. 1

The current world number one lost in the second round to Nick Kyrgios in Montreal – the same tournament the Russian won last year, albeit in a different city.

Deducting the points of the 2021 victory, Medvedev falls and reaches 6525 compared to the stable 5620 points of Rafa, who did not play a tournament in the second half of the season last year. In the US city, unlike his opponent in the Australian Open final of this year 2022, Daniil Medvedev has to defend some important points: in particular, the 360 ​​he received by reaching the semifinals and then losing to compatriot Andrey Rublev.

Based on this assumption, Rafa Nadal will be able to retake the top of the rankings if a difficult combination is achieved: if he wins the 1000 tournament in Cincinnati, earns the relative 1000 points, and if the Russian does not reach the quarterfinals of the tournament.

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