Nick Kyrgios: 'That can cloud your ability to...'

“This may cloud your ability to…”

Everyone was surprised by the end result, including a friend of his from the track. Tommy Paul pulled off the great feat of beating main draw number 2 Carlos Alcaraz in the second round of the Montreal Masters 1000 and gifting himself one of two cover photos of the day.

The second was undoubtedly Nick Kyrgios, who defeated ATP ranking number one Daniil Medvedev and completed the task of eliminating the two main favorites to win the tournament. At the end of the resounding success of the American, who managed to overcome the tiebreak disadvantage and managed to break the Iberian’s confidence in the very delicate third set, the Australian left a surprising message on Twitter just for him: “Paul, bro WTF”, the few words the Canberra native uttered to comment on the surprise of the second round even before he took the pitch for his game against the Russian.

At the end of the game, Paul could hardly believe his eyes after the unbelievable performance: “It’s nice to end the game on the net. He made the last point well and I covered the trajectory well and finished very well with the volley, ”explained the American into the microphones of the ATP tour for the fifth match ball, which he used and which gave him qualification for the round of 16 brought.

“I think I did a lot of things well. I played a good level of tennis, especially in the third set, so I’m glad I made it,” he continued in the interview. “I felt like I could get him into trouble on his terms of duty.

Especially in the second set I felt like I could break it. I wasn’t expecting to get two breaks and serve for the set, felt like I was playing comfortable tennis overall. I focused on the game plan and it went well,” he said.

Kyrgios burns

Nick Kyrgios explained that he has gained a lot of confidence in his performances this season and that his form is probably playing in the minds of his opponents before they play him. “Yes, I think [I have some edge on my opponents]you’re looking at someone like Serena [Williams] or Roger [Federer]before opponents enter the field, they may not sleep so well at night.

It’s more the aura or their results or their accolades that you’re trying to compare than they are,” he said. “Now when people come up against me, ‘he’s got a huge win streak, he has to play well, did this, did that.’ This can cloud your ability to just go out and perform.

I think some of the opponents I’ve faced may have felt that a bit over the past few weeks,” he added.

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