'Novak Djokovic must be able to defend his chances in...', says expert

“Novak Djokovic must be able to defend his chances in…” says the expert

Good news sometimes doesn’t come in time. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have made the new Covid guidelines official: the same rules and regulations apply to the unvaccinated as to the vaccinated. This reopening could open the door to Novak Djokovic’s presence in the United States after the difficult season he has endured.

It all started in Australia when the federal government did not accept the Belgrade tennis player’s medical exemption from the tournament organizers. Because of this, the Melbourne court decided to return it to Serbia, calling it an unfair example for young Australians at a difficult time of the pandemic.

Currently things seem to have changed for the governments of the world, especially those of the western world. Among them is the United States, which recently changed the rules for entering American soil: a full vaccination cycle was previously required to enter the land of the stars.

The changes were announced by the CDC but may not yet be implemented. Despite the rule change, Novak Djokovic has announced his retirement from the Cincinnati Masters 1000. A few hours before the start of the draw, the one who would have come from the tennis circus as the fifth seed in the absence of Alexander Zverev.

With the withdrawal of the Wimbledon winner, it’s Nakashima, freeing up a wildcard for the American tournament. Not only Djokovic’s resignation, but also good news for Andy Murray: The resignation of a former world number one actually makes it easier for the other former world number one to enter.

Djokovic will not be there in Cincinnati, but he could be different in New York thanks to the new Covid rules.

Clay Travis on Nole Djokovic

As the CDC communicated a change in health rules, broadcaster Fox News wondered if this would soon allow Novak Djokovic to play the US Open.

Clay Travis, the channel’s columnist and also founder of outkick.com, thinks it’s logical and sane. Seeing Novak on a pitch would also be a real symbol to show that life is back to normal. “From the moment the CDC states that a vaccinated person must be treated like an unvaccinated person and that there are no differences, I don’t understand why and how Novak Djokovic couldn’t come and play for the US Open.

If I’m going to disagree at all, I could advise him to take his bag and snowshoes and go to Mexico to cross the border. Honestly, if we’re talking about returning to normal life, it would be a nice symbol of unity if the Serb defended his chances in New York.”

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