'Serena Williams' retirement was in the air', says former No.1

The retirement of ‘Serena Williams’ was in the air,’ says the former number 1

Not the best way to greet the Ohio crowd. Serena Williams, who survived a round in Montreal last week, crashed quite painfully into the wall of Emma Raducanu, who was called to defend her US Open title after the 1000 mini-tournament on American cement.

An unusual choice by the American, which she didn’t even concede to the journalists at the press conference after a rather cold greeting. A very good win for the British tennis player who obviously gave Serena a lot of space in front of the media after the match.

“I can’t believe I had the privilege of facing her and beating her,” she said excitedly: “Growing up and watching her matches was one of the most important experiences of my tennis life. And I’m glad I took this opportunity the best way.

I will cherish this memory for the rest of my life. I respect her as a legend because she has done exceptional things for our sport, both on and off the pitch.” Raducanu has struggled to find dimension on the grand circuit since her win at Flushing Meadows last year.

Therefore, each victory has begun to take on a special meaning. ‚ÄúToday I think I handled the pressure well. It wasn’t easy to find an opponent like her on the other side of the net. I concentrated, just thinking about my game and in the end managed to do what I wanted.

I think it’s also important to celebrate each of the victories after what’s happened in the last 12 months. I’m proud of myself,” she declared with great clarity. In the second round, another Slam champion, Viktoria Azarenka.

Murray praises Serena Williams

Andy Murray has been asked to share his thoughts on Serena Williams’ retirement. “Yes, it’s sad of course, but it happens to all players eventually,” said Andy Murray.

“You know, she (Serena Williams) hasn’t acted that much in the past few years. So it came. But when you hear the news it’s always, yeah, sad when one of the great players is – because I also think like they don’t seem normal, those players, so you expect them to be able to go on forever.

So if they stop, it’s obviously a sad day,” Murray said. “Hopefully the next thing you know, you know, 10 days to two, three weeks, whatever it is, you know her career is being celebrated really well and you don’t necessarily want it to be a sad moment when.” it would probably be a time to celebrate her career and everything she’s done for the sport because it’s been immense.

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