'Rafael Nadal was a little bit uncertain', says former WTA star

“Rafael Nadal was a bit unsure,” says the former WTA star

Daniil Medvedev is currently the main reference of the new generation in the ATP circuit, that sector of players who are gradually trying to take over the scene and take it away from the Fab 4 and the tennis players who have already written important pages of their career .

The Russian achieved satisfactory goals in 2022, snatching first place in the world rankings on multiple occasions. A record that had not been produced for a long time, since fans and connoisseurs had become accustomed to seeing one of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray at the top.

This fact led many to believe that the Four’s dominance was nearing its end, but the answer to this perplexity came along: the first three Grand Slams of the season were won by the Big Four “team”.

Exactly, the Spaniard traditionally triumphed at the Australian Open and Roland Garros, while the Serb won the Wimbledon title again. The US Open remains the last available date for other tennis players to try not to run out of Slam trophies.

The Muscovite has regained confidence after starting the year on cement and returning to show good results. Conquering the ATP 250 in Los Cabos in Canada was preceded by a misstep in Montreal.

Schett responds to Nadal

A fully fit Rafael Nadal will be dangerous at the US Open despite his stuttering return to action at the Western & Southern Open, according to tennis analyst Barbara Schett.

“Don’t forget that this was his first game since the injury,” she told Eurosport. “The game is always different from training. And anyone who has had an abdominal injury and a tear in the abdominal muscles knows how it feels.

You must be extremely careful. You worry that you will hurt it again. And I think that’s what we saw on Wednesday. Playing against Coric he was a little unsure of how the body would hold up.

And I’m sure he’ll keep feeling better. If the abdominal muscle is not damaged, he still has a week and a half to improve his health, to improve confidence, also that he can stretch and cannot bend down on the serve because that is the most difficult shot, the serve and The punch.

If that’s the case, Rafa Nadal can certainly become dangerous again at the US Open. I mean he’s so fired up at every single Grand Slam. We saw him play the best tennis of his life this year. You can never write him off.”

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