Andy Murray wants Serena Williams’ departure from the US Open to be a celebration | Andy Murray

Andy Murray thinks the focus of Serena Williams’ final games should be celebrating her career and legacy, rather than focusing on her form after a year without competing at the highest level.

“She hasn’t played much in the past few years,” Murray said. “The expectations of their run should be very low. The celebrations of her career should be really, really high. When I first found this out, I was saddened by it, but at the same time, she’ll probably want this week to be all she’s accomplished to have a really nice send-off — more of a celebration than really getting excited about that’s the end .”

Williams, 40, announced her imminent retirement in Vogue this month and the US Open is expected to be the last tournament of her career. As Williams bids farewell, Emma Raducanu will return to the US Open for her title defense. After her wins over Williams and Victoria Azarenka at the Western and Southern Opens in Cincinnati, Murray believes Raducanu will do well.

“I watched most of the game against Serena and then against [Jessica] pegula; Even though she lost that one, she’s playing much better,” he said. “The balls they use here help a lot, they’re a lot lighter, the women’s ball. This allows her to get more out of her shots, on her serves she seems to have been enjoying the conditions last week. I imagine she’ll enjoy it if things go fast here in New York. I would expect her to play well next week.”

This has been a frustrating period for Murray as he tries to find a solution to his recent cramps in order to give himself the best chance to compete more consistently.

Since the summer hard-court swing began in the United States, Murray has suffered from cramps in most of his games without warning.

After struggling in Newport and then Washington, he overcame the problem in Cincinnati last week by winning his opening game against Stan Wawrinka before being escorted off the field by the coach following his second-round loss to Cameron Norrie.

Although he has suffered from cramps in the past, particularly early in his career, Murray is undergoing a sweat test to help manage his current problems. “I’ve had cramps before, but not consistently,” he said. “I’m just trying to understand and get to the bottom of it. Tennis-wise I’ve had some good wins this year, some tough losses.

Andy Murray of Great Britain celebrates beating Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland at the Western and Southern Open
Andy Murray of Great Britain celebrates beating Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland at the Western and Southern Open. Photo: Frey/TPN/Getty Images

“If I could have gotten through last week’s match against Cam – I certainly had enough chances and broke a string on a second serve in the third set – maybe that opens the week and I could get a good run. But it hasn’t gotten that far at one of the big events, so that was disappointing.”

His frustration is especially great given that he thinks he’s otherwise in the best physical condition he’s been in for a while. Murray says he’s finally happy with how his body has recovered from strenuous games and is no longer taking anti-inflammatory medication for his hip and groin conditions, something he’s been doing for the past several years since his hip surgery. Now he has to find a solution to another disease.

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