Novak Djokovic: 'My father particularly likes to show off that...'

‘My father especially likes to show that…’

Rafael Nadal debuted on the tour twenty years ago. Two decades later, the Spaniard is still among the best players in the world, working hard to improve and suffering multiple injuries. Two and a half years ago, Rafa was asked to build his perfect player.

Nadal mentioned some of his big rivals and some more players who fit into his module thanks to his unique shots or mental toughness. Rafa highlighted the best shots of his great rivals Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

The Spaniard also mentioned Dominic Thiem, David Ferrer, Ivo Karlovic and Gael Monfils as an image of his perfect player. Further, he self-picked in the area of ​​determination, saying that despite injuries and setbacks, he always did his best.

“Conversely, I have to choose Novak Djokovic. He’s great at defending from this side and attacking down the line and across the pitch, with a lot of options in rallies. I have to choose Roger Federer’s forehand when he picks up the ball very early and creates winners from everywhere on the square.

Roger can flatten his right hand or add spin to it; it is a powerful weapon. Ivo Karlovic’s serve is the strongest opening shot in the game. With a good serve from Ivo, as happens in almost every match, the returnee cannot create a chance before the tie-break.

I would choose in the destination segment. I’ve had the right solution throughout my career after all my injuries. I continued to train with passion to achieve my goals and to fight in every game. In terms of fitness, Dominic Thiem is my pick.

Gael Monfils has to be the fastest player and I think Andy Murray has the best shot selection.”

Nole trains hard

Novak Djokovic explained that he doesn’t particularly enjoy the public but understands that it’s part of his success.

“I don’t like it that much, to be honest, I really don’t. I accept it but I don’t like it, I don’t like seeing myself everywhere. But I know it’s part of what I do and part of being successful,” Djokovic said.

The 21-time Grand Slam champion noted that his father likes to brag about his achievements and hangs the Serb’s large banners and trophies on the building above their family restaurant. “My father especially likes to show that his son is successful and everything and I understand that,” said Djokovic, adding: “Right above the restaurant that my parents run, in this building, he has permission to put up huge banners from me with various trophies and things he likes, so you can actually see that from the freeway coming into town.

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