'I hope that Serena Williams can give us another thrill', says former ace

“I hope that Serena Williams can inspire us again,” says the former ace

Venus Williams was the first of the Williams sisters to launch an eyewear collection as her company EleVen has teamed up with Look Optic to create a collection that will be available from August 18th. As we know, both Venus and Serena Williams are fashion brand owners. So why not compare?

After all, the competition on the tennis court between them was fierce. On that note, although Serena Williams’ S by Serena brand is gaining more notoriety given the tennis icon’s larger following, EleVen by Venus has won the eyewear race as S by Serena has yet to announce an eyewear collection.

“Partnering with LOOK OPTIC and working with their team has been a great collaborative experience. You understand EleVen’s commitment to creating products that make you look and feel good. With every product we design, we want to make sure we’re offering the best for our consumers – this capsule is no exception and I look forward to not only using the end product, but seeing you guys,” said Venus Williams.

According to the official press release, “LOOK OPTIC’s first metal frame, Muse, was designed with attention to detail and dedication to versatility, giving consumers a modern classic with a touch of luxury.

The frames themselves are high quality yet super lightweight, made from the same TR-90 material used to make sports eyewear.

Roddick opens up to Serena

Andy Roddick said he hopes Serena Williams can put on a good show at the US Open.

“Yeah, well, first of all I’m grateful to her for announcing it early and giving us a chance to celebrate her career,” Roddick said. “Listen, we’ve all done good things. We’ve all done bad things, we’ve behaved well, we’ve behaved badly.

But overall I’m so glad we can all be a part of the drama of every single game which could possibly be her last as I’m from Compton and have won 23 Slams how dynamic she is what a competitor she is.

I hope the circus continues because I haven’t spoken any less about the people who could actually win the tournament than I did this year,” added Roddick. “It’s the Serena Show, it’s going to be the Serena Show, and rightly so as long as she’s in the tournament.

I hope she can give us another thrill, I really do. I don’t know if her incoming form led to having super high expectations, but listen, I’ve bet against Serena at shows before and looked like a dummy before. So I hope I look like a dummy again.”

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