'Rafael Nadal left scar tissue on Medvedev's game,' says doubles legend

“Rafael Nadal left scar tissue in Medvedev’s game,” says the double legend

World No. 1 Daniil Medvedev is yet to win a notable title in 2022. The Russian lost the Australian Open final to Rafael Nadal and two more title fights on grass before lifting the first trophy of the season in Los Cabos. It allowed him to hold the ATP throne, but it may slip out of his hands if he fails to defend 2000 points at the upcoming US Open.

Doubles legend Todd Woodbridge believes Medvedev will lose the US Open crown as he failed to play at the desired level in the first eight moments of the season. The Australian recalled the epic Australian Open duel against Rafael Nadal that left scar tissue in the Russian’s game.

Rafa trailed 6-2 7-6 3-2 40-0 before making an incredible comeback and going 2-6 6-7 6-4 6-4 7 in five and 24 hours :5 victory scored record! Nadal was almost done and dusted when he hit those three break points in the sixth game of the third set.

Despite this, he overcame them and received a massive boost that allowed him to raise his level. Nadal clinched the third set after breaking the opponent down the line with a backhand in game 9, building an early advantage in the fourth.

Rafa held at love in game ten to end the set and force a decision after four hours and 12 minutes. The Spaniard pressed hard, placing a forehand down the line in game five to open a 3-2 gap and take a significant step towards the finish line.

Todd Woodbridge shared his thoughts on this epic Australian Open final.

Nadal survived a massive scare in game six after repelling three break points and secured the eighth to forge a 5-3 lead. Medvedev made one final nudge and broke 5-5 in game ten, extending his chances and fighting like a lion despite squandering a colossal advantage.

Rafa stayed composed and capitalized on his vast experience, taking the third break chance in game 11 and sealing the deal with his serve a few minutes later for the record-breaking 21st Major crown. “Daniil has had this steady progress all the way through.

This year there was nowhere else to go if you were number 1. I think it will be difficult for him to defend his title. I think he will run well but there will be an expectation of points to hold that No. 1 ranking. There are just all these variables.

While over the past 12 months he has learned how to get rid of the distraction and play great tennis, the distractions have crept into his game and put pressure on him. I think how great his year has turned out with the final loss at the Australian Open.

Losing a match from this position leaves scar tissue behind. It changes a player’s mentality until they can win another. It’s very rare to get a second chance at these levels. I think Daniil had to sort that out mentally,” said Todd Woodbridge.

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