Oprah Tells Serena Williams Retirement Tribute at US Open 2022

Serena Williams announcement that it will be her Farewell to tennis soon means one thing for the US Open 2022: this year’s tournament will probably be the last time she plays for this title. To celebrate Williams’ final games and her decades-long dedication to the sport, a video tribute was played tonight at Arthur Ashe Stadium on the Open’s opening night – narrated by none other than Oprah.

The video debuted after William’s first match, which took place in round one of women’s singles. Williams won against Montenegrin player Danka Kovini 6-3, 6-3.

The tribute starts with a bang: A 17-year-old Williams won her first-ever US Open in 1999. She is elated and presses her hand to her heart before clearly saying, “Oh my God.” Williams then walks over to her family, sees her sister, Venus, and hugs her her father Richard. This touching scene is followed by a sight familiar to many – Williams absolutely dominated the tennis court for the next two decades.

That’s where Oprah’s appreciative words come in. Lady O comments on how quickly the years have passed as she watches Williams win. “You gave us so much,” she says in the video. “We can only thank you.”

The video will continue to be shown Williams’ many achievementsfrom her six US Open singles wins to her incredible fashion choices in court. Oprah also comments, saying, “Thanks for dressing up and bringing your dancing shoes. Thank you for making Center Court Center Stage.” Of course, your dancing shoes are those glittery Nike x Off White sneakers Williams contributed to the 2018 US Open.

“Thank you for showing us how to be graceful, powerful and fearless,” Oprah continues, praising Williams for all she’s done. “Thank you for changing the face of the game. To inspire the next generation.” The video features Williams with her daughter Olympia, as well as fans, famous supporters and opponents – whom she has been incredibly kind to.

“Thank you for thinking outside the box and encouraging us to keep evolving,” Oprah says, before delivering a final message of thanks, “Thank you for showing us how to love the sport and for always loving us back.” “

Oprah ends the tribute by telling Williams that whatever the next phase in her life brings, we’re here for the long haul. “We’ll be watching,” Oprah says. “Love, all of us.”

Lady O and Williams have a well-documented friendship. Williams appeared The Oprah Winfrey Show several times during her career. In 2002, Serena and Venus spoke together with Oprah, shared stories about how Serena copied Venus all along, revealed what it was like to compete against each other, and discussed why her fashion choices matter.

The best TOWING Visiting, however, was when Serena came alone – to give Oprah a pedicure. Turns out Williams harbored a secret desire to be a nail designer. She actually took a class and learned enough hard skills to give Lady O a pretty professional pedicure on camera (and don’t worry — we pulled it from the archives that way). you can watch it, to). Afterwards, Williams sat down with Oprah to let her know that she would play tennis for as long as possible.

Watch Oprah’s tribute to Serena Williams above and don’t miss Williams’ next match at the US Open on Wednesday night.

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