'Roger Federer's physique was unable to reach...', says former No.1

“Roger Federer’s physique was not able to achieve…” says the former number 1

Roger Federer shared a photo on Instagram of him dining in the moonlight. In the photo, Roger looks charmingly into the camera lens. The photo is part of Federer’s latest social media post, which includes images of him training, a moment with his dad and some dogs.

“It’s been a fun summer,” Federer captioned the post. Speaking of dogs, it seems that Federer has overcome his fear of them. “To be honest, I’m a bit scared of dogs,” Federer once said. “After all, I love dogs.

I just didn’t spend enough time with them. We used to always have a cat.” Roger Federer spent a few days on vacation with his family in Greece. For the Swiss newspaper “Coopzeitung” he also revealed what he likes to do with his children in his free time.

“I haven’t taught them how to play cards yet, but Uno is very popular. And during the pandemic, I spent two weeks with my kids building Harry Potter’s castle out of Lego. Then we set up a mini table tennis table, which we also use to spend a lot of time together,” says Roger Federer.

Federer and Mirka’s lives are intense. Roger and Mirka are the most famous couple in the tennis world and the Swiss spoke about Mirka in an interview for Caminada. “When I got engaged to Mirka, I didn’t have any starters on the board.

She is a strong and intelligent woman who has had a huge impact on me, both on and off the track. She trusted me and taught me to always do my best. She was also close to me after every defeat.”

King Roger made history

John McEnroe gave a lengthy interview in which he touched on various topics related to the racquet.

The former world No. 1 also spoke about Roger Federer. “That’s a big question, but I can’t give you an absolute answer. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t want the farewell tour, but he’s obviously in a very different position than me.

It depends on the person, some people like it, they are showered with gifts and love – who wouldn’t? But at the same time I don’t think Roger wants to go out and lose in the first or second round even though he’s 41.

I thought he would play the Laver Cup and then go to Basel and retire. It made sense because the physicist wasn’t able to get to the level he needed. But he said he wanted to play next year and who am I to say he shouldn’t? He should definitely do what he wants.

So, I don’t know, but if he wants to play next year and is thinking about playing the Australia Open or those events, he knows what it takes to get there – and he’s not going there to lose in the first round.

It’s going to be an interesting decision he’s going to make, I don’t know what’s going to happen. He’s the most handsome player he’s ever seen and he embodies class.”

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