Serena Williams is the ‘greatest sports story in US history’

PBS news hour Amna Nawaz spoke with William C. Rhodenan award-winning sports columnist, about Serena Williams on Monday when the tennis star competed in her last Grand Slam at the US Open.

“We’re talking about Serena’s next chapter. Because of this essay, you wrote in Fashion, but she didn’t say retirement. She said transition. She said development. What does that mean for you? And what did you think when you read it?” asked Nawaz to open the discussion.

“Well the first thing that got me was when she said that, the ‘R’ word because that scares me too. That convinced me,” Rhoden replied, adding:

Just the idea of ​​not doing something you do, in my case since I was about ten years old. And the idea of ​​not retiring and I know how awful it must be for her to be eight years old, coming from Compton, becoming what I think along with her sister, I’m doing that now 49 years.

And I think without a doubt the story of Venus and serena Williams is probably the greatest sports story in United States history, without exception.

“What she has accomplished for women, for black women, and for justice is, I believe, unprecedented at this point in our history,” he continued.

“I think we’re just at the point now where the words are still fresh, even though we’re all wordsmiths. Words can’t really describe the impact she’s had on so many levels, you know, to think of my black mother, my, my black sister, my, my, my black daughter and what she meant to her in terms to empowerment, faith and victory,” added Rhoden.

“You know, it’s just such mixed feelings because I hate to see her go. I hate to see her go. But I’m so excited for these next few chapters,” he concluded.

“Bill, she’s missing a Grand Slam title to break the record. Margaret Courts Record of 24. Do you think there’s a chance she’ll tie or break that before she says goodbye to the sport? Nawaz then asked.

“How could we identify this journalist? The wide reach here for the story. Right,” Rhoden replied, laughing.

“The great, the great story is that she finds another magic moment at the US Open and we think she plays on Saturday. I mean what’s better? What better way than to win the two-time Margaret Court at the US Open? I mean that would be just amazing. As now I think as a journalist and then also with my heart. But that would be another movie,” he concluded.

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