McEnroe: "Serena Williams like Tiger Woods"

“Serena Williams likes Tiger Woods”

John McEnroe spoke to the Corriere della Sera about Serena Williams.

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“Serena will be remembered as the greatest athlete of all time and of all sports. Serena is on the level of Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Muhammad Ali in a way.

Serena is to tennis what Tiger Woods was to golf: a revolutionary. No, I don’t see her as a television commentator like I do, let alone as a coach. She will be an inspiration to the new generations of gamers in her role as a mother and businesswoman.

Roger Federer? I’ll tell you how he will run as I see it: Roger returns to the Laver Cup, in London at the end of September, and then says goodbye to the home tournament of Basel. There is no perfect ending. I didn’t want a farewell tour: a clean break – zac – goodbye and thanks.

But there are those who love to shower with selfies, gifts and applause. There would be nothing wrong with Roger allowing himself another season at the circuit in 2023. And who am I advised against, the most beautiful tennis player I have ever seen? in my life?”

John Patrick McEnroe Jr. is an American former tennis player, tennis coach, and television commentator. Nicknamed The Genius, he was world no.

He is the only male tennis player in the world to have won over 70 titles in both singles (77) and men’s doubles (78) and therefore holds the Open Era men’s tennis record for total titles (singles and doubles). .

won: 161, including the mixed doubles title won at Roland Garros in 1977 and successes in the Davis Cup, which he won five times (1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1992) as a permanent member of the US team, which he won after his retirement from tennis was also captain.

Mancino, famous for his style of play, for his hard-fought and spectacular matches against Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl, for his quick temper on the court, for his talent and personality as well as for his results, is regarded as one of the greatest tennis players in the world Story.

Defined by many as the greatest doubles player in tennis history, [2] He played in the early part of his career with Peter Fleming, with whom he formed one of the strongest doubles of all time, and in the latter part of his career with brother Patrick.

Fleming himself stated, “The best doubles team in the world is John McEnroe with all the rest.” In 1999 he was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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