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Why do Big J journalists hate what they write about?

• Dane in Missouri fired an email Tuesday that needs addressing:

I know you’ve mentioned this several times on screencaps, but I was poking around on an autoblog today and realized that so many autowriters reflect sportswriters in their utter disdain for anything their readers like about the subject they cover.

For example, almost all auto journalists go out of their way to hype EVs, spread climate change alarmism, complain about professional racing and sustainability, etc. Basically 180-degree opinions of what I’m guessing at least 80 percent of their readers believe .

You must enlighten us with your knowledge of the Big Js – why do these people even bother writing about something they so obviously hate? What’s the point? There are a lot of things I don’t like or disagree with, but I certainly haven’t spent 10 years or more of my life trying to get a job and then write about it. I also don’t think anyone sits out there watching a NASCAR race but thinks, ‘You know what would make this more enjoyable? Better fuel economy by CAFE standards.” What’s up with these writers?

As I quickly explained to Dane in a follow-up email, the Big J sports world is largely made up of nerds who were never good at sports who then, as a kind of power trip, become writers where they feel important and sacred can feel than you because they have a press pass around their neck. That’s why you see so many of these nerds with framed press credentials during interviews.

Look at me, I’ve got access you’ll never have. bow to me

Trust me, I’ve had those passes and it’s a pretty powerful feeling to saunter over to a UFC cage and sit in the front row with your laptop and pretend you’re hammering 2000 words at a guy who says that being spanked in the face.

The Big J may have entered the profession with healthy feelings on the subject. Maybe they enjoyed cars as kids and worked on cars with their dads. Eventually it becomes a job and we know what happens when those emotions kick in.

The Js get angry. The pay might not be that great.

They become jaded as the hours add up. The journey just to get where an outlet lets them cover games is quite a challenge. When they’ve put 15 years – or a lot less – into the business, they hate it.

The Big Js become hollow inside. You get angry. You hate readers. And they 100% think they are smarter than the reader. The Big Js think you’re idiots. They don’t want to hear from you. They don’t want to give you a voice. I don’t know how else to put it, they hate you.

In an editorial office, it takes about five minutes to find out which employees think highly of themselves. Just go to a sports section. So you can quickly find out who you would like to have a terrace beer with.

Very few days go by that I don’t salute the internet gods who told me to learn basic HTML and say goodbye to the newspaper world. Now I can carve out America’s Best Daily Internet Column, as readers called it, and talk about mowing.

What a life.

suck it, big js

College loan bailouts

I’ll be posting the emails in the morning because we’re getting some and I want to do a big dump and be done with this because football is here and we’re going to start looking at the things that really bring us together in college -Football Saturdays.

Needless to say, I’m proud of the screencaps community for how they’ve approached the problem: calmly, collected, with logic, humor, data, and with your own real-life experiences.

As I’ve always said, spread the word, your friends should start their days here.

Tractor trains and why I love the south

• Mark in Frisco, TX writes:

Good morning I really appreciate how you approached the college debt bailout. You could have taken the “let me pick Pittsburgh in the last four college playoffs just to piss off the WVU fans and create a fake controversy” approach, but you didn’t. The fact is that the government (both sides) have figured out how to get rich off the average Joes and Jills and there is very little we can do about it. It will not change next November. But I don’t write about that.

I am writing to thank you for posting the tractor train video. Not because I wanted to learn the physics of tractor pulls (I’m from the south and have been to quite a few), but because of what this guy did about halfway through. He talked to this young man (to the Fritos) and when he was done he let him shake his hand and look him in the eye. That’s exactly how I was taught, and it’s a lost art. i loved that!

Last story about why I love the south. I flew to Palm Springs for work on a Saturday in the fall (not voluntarily). An old lady with a heavy Southern accent sat behind me (that was before airplane wifi), and I hear her make a phone call the second the wheels touch down. The conversation went like this: “Mable, we just landed. Yes yes yes, everything is fine. Everything is… damn it, Mable, shut up and tell me the Auburn score!”

Have a great day.

Pasture boards for boys

You may have noticed that I’ve been on a big grass board kick lately.

Don’t you mean sausage board?

I prefer willow boards because it’s a lot easier to spell and makes things a lot less elitist and suburban. Board grazing sounds like guys are dudes squeezing around a board that crushes way too much salami during a 10-hour college football bender.

Since so many of you are Senior Executive Vice Presidents at Linkedin and you’re one of the grazing forum creators in your neighborhood, it shouldn’t be long before you start receiving emails about:

What items need to be permanently removed from pasture boards? My buddy Diesel, who clearly knows his foods, says wasabi peas, figs and dar cacao need to be banned, but corn nuts need to be in. I personally can’t stand it when willow board content creators start adding raspberries for color. Get her out of here. They are great in a fruit bowl. I don’t need them next to pepper jack cheese.

What goes on a Real Man’s Man Grazing Board? I call out for Deer Jerky next to Fireball Shots and surrounded by a wall of jalapeno-stuffed steak burritos.

• Look at this board. It looks pretty for an Instagram shoot, but there are blackberries buried in meat canyons where fingers can’t fit. To me, this is an instant offense to the panel of elites who can’t stomach a little white space on a board.

I have to attend a Notre Dame OSU party on Saturday and I’m sitting here needing help on how to construct a willow board. Tips would be welcome. Jalapenos wrapped in bacon next to Busch Diet cans?

send me suggestions

Email: [email protected]

Speaking of bush

• Guy G. of West New York writes:

This week at the Farm Progress Show in Boone IA. Had to show you this combine harvester.

Where do you get your hair cut?

• Kevin in Gibsonia, PA writes:

I went camping this weekend so I like to unplug and just enjoy the outdoors, campfire and some Moosehead lights. So I didn’t read the screencaps from Saturday until this morning. Please tell me I’m misunderstanding this: “Last night I tipped the hairdresser 20%.” First of all, I would expect all of us in this community to go to a hairdresser, not a salon. But maybe I can overlook that… but you said last night – that would be Friday.

Please tell me you didn’t spend a Friday night at a hair salon. I’m shattered, Joe, please take me back off the ledge. I hope I’m just reading this wrong.

It’s true, I go to the $20 hair salon to get the rest of the hair on my head trimmed. Like I told Kevin, no hairdressers for me. I’m not sure if a barber has ever cut my hair. When I was a kid, our neighbor was a stylist and she cut our hair in her kitchen. The more I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen my dad have the rest of his hair—he lets his back grow way too long—have a hairdresser cut it.

Hard hits

• Johnny R. writes:

Hey Joe… it’s been a while since I’ve checked in but I can assure you I’m perfectly present! Captured on Hardknocks last night pausing as my young daughter walked across the room. She saw it and we had a good laugh! Keep breaking it!

It’s time to crush on Wednesday. I’m late for my release time.

The sun is shining. Autumn was in the air this morning. My problem with the basement cable was solved. Everything will be great today. make her pay.

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