Naomi Osaka Net Worth 2022

Things you probably know about Naomi Osaka: She’s a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, she has a super cute relationship with rapper Cordae, and she’s refreshingly outspoken her journey to mental health. However, what you might not know about the tennis champion is how much $$$ she is worth. 2022, forbes named her the highest paid female athlete in the world, so it’s safe to say that Naomi Osaka’s net worth is pretty impressive. The reason for all the money? It all boils down to the tennis prize money, her skincare line, and her massive advertising portfolio.

When she’s not busy sweeping the tennis court, Naomi is either promoting her beauty brand KINLÒ– specially designed for people with melanized skin – or sign new endorsement deals with brands like Airbnb and Beats Electronics. And unsurprisingly, she’s become RICH as one of the most marketable athletes on the planet. But how loaded is it? Let’s investigate.

Let’s first talk about tennis winnings

Despite playing professionally since 2013, Naomi first found fame in the tennis world in 2018 after winning her first Grand Slam at the US Open… against none other than Serena Williams, nbd. Since then, Naomi has taken home three more Grand Slam titles, once more at the US Open and twice at the Australian Open. Fun Fact: These titles also come with a hefty paycheck.

Naomi Osaka

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At the 2018 US Open, both men’s and women’s singles champions were awarded a record $3.8 million, while the 2020 singles champions’ prize pool was reduced to just $3 million. The Australian Open prize is worth slightly less, with the individual winners being awarded AUD$4.1 million (or about US$2.8 million) in 2019 and AUD$2.13 million (or about US$1.6 million) in 2021. take home. She also gets paid for all of her other tournament wins. As of 2022, Naomi has reportedly earned Over $21 million in prize money during their career. OK!!

She also has her own skincare brand

In September 2021, Naomi launched KINLÒ, which aims to protect, repair and renew melanized skin tones at an affordable price. The line includes moisturizers, sunscreens, moisturizing gels and lip balms, among others, and became an even bigger hit after Naomi announced it exclusive partnership with Walmart in April 2022. It’s unclear how much the company is worth (especially since it’s still fairly new), but we know we want to add these beauty products to our shopping carts as soon as possible:

Their endorsement portfolio is *so* impressive

The vast majority of Naomi’s earnings come from endorsement deals with big companies, which isn’t a huge surprise considering the tennis champion has landed more than 20 corporate partners over the years. in May 2022, forbes reported that Naomi had earned enough $58 million from endorsement deals (before taxes and brokerage fees) in the last 12 months alone. Consider us shaken.

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Naomi’s biggest sponsorship deals include a clothing partnership with Nike (which she’s had since leaving Adidas in 2019) as well as a long-term deal with Japanese sporting goods manufacturer Yonex, who have been supplying her with racquets since 2008. It is also supported by well-known brands such as Beats Electronics, Mastercard, Panasonic, PlayStation, Levi’s, Airbnb, Sweetgreen and GoDaddy, among others. Oh, and she serves as a brand ambassador for companies like Nissan, Shiseido, Tag Heuer, and Louis Vuitton to name a few. No wonder she brings in almost $60 million a year from her endorsements!!

And she’s made some smart investments

In 2022, Naomi left the IMG management company (where she had worked since 2016) to start her own sports management agency, Evolve, with her agent Stuart Duguid. The pair have already signed their first client – Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios – so it’s safe to say things are going well. And the year before that, Naomi became a co-owner of the North Carolina Courage of the National Women’s Soccer League. Literally when does she sleep?

And, of course, we also have to talk about their real estate investments. In 2019, Naomi snapped up Nick Jonas’ former bachelor pad in Beverly Hills $6.9 millionand less than three years later, she bought Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s former LA mansion $6.3 million.

So… how much is Naomi worth?

Naomi Osaka Net Worth 2022 Estimated According to Celebrity Net Worth 45 million dollars, that’s HUGE. And thanks to their many endorsements, entrepreneurial efforts, and investments, that number is likely to continue to grow. But don’t worry — Naomi loves to give too, and she’s spent time working with countless charities, including Play Academy, UNICEF, and her own organization, the Osaka Foundation, which teaches tennis to vulnerable children across Haiti. All Hail Queen Naomi!!

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