'Roger Federer's not going there to lose in...', says former ATP ace

“Roger Federer doesn’t go there to lose…” says the former ATP ace

On the eve of the US Open in Switzerland, Roger Federer gifted his city’s top football club, FC Basel, luck in an all-or-nothing Europa Conference League match against Bulgarian side CSKA Sofia that took place on Thursday.

FC Basel came into play after a 1-0 defeat in Sofia and needed a 2-goal win to qualify. The game ended 2-0 for Basel, who scored in the 84th minute. “Mission accomplished. Approved by Roger Federer. What a team!” Basel tweeted after qualifying.

Kasim Nuhu Adams from FC Basel was surprised by Federer’s visit. “I can’t believe it,” Adams said. The 20-time Major champion is confident of his return, which should come in September in his favorite, the Laver Cup.

“We knew the recovery would take a long time. I’m very active, I go to the gym five or six times a week. I still don’t play a lot of tennis, a little bit with the kids, although I could do more. My goal is to be ready for LC and Basel,” said Roger Federer.

The Basel ATP 500 event will host the top ATP players for the first time in three years in the last week of October. The prestigious indoor tournament did not take place in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the organizers are working flat out to prepare everything for the new edition.

Carlos Alcaraz will compete in Basel for the first time in October.

Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam champion

John McEnroe gave a lengthy interview in which he touched on various topics related to the racquet. The former world No. 1 also spoke about Roger Federer.

‚ÄúThat’s a big question, but I can’t give you an absolute answer. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t want the farewell tour, but he’s obviously in a very different position than me. It depends on the person, some people like it, they get showered with gifts and love – who wouldn’t? But at the same time I don’t think Roger wants to go out there and lose in the first or second round and he’s 41.

I thought he would play the Laver Cup and then go to Basel and retire. It made sense because the physicist wasn’t able to get to the level he needed. But he said he wanted to play next year and who am I to say he shouldn’t? He should definitely do what he wants.

So, I don’t know, but if he wants to play next year and is thinking about playing the Australia Open or those events, he knows what it takes to get there – and he’s not going there to lose in the first round.

It’s going to be an interesting decision he’s going to make, I don’t know what’s going to happen. He’s the most handsome player he’s ever seen and he embodies class.”

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