When Rafael Nadal helped Roger Federer against Nick Kyrgios

When Rafael Nadal helped Roger Federer against Nick Kyrgios

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played on the same side of the pitch for the first time in Geneva 2017. Roger and Rafa led Team Europe to their first Laver Cup title and will reunite in London in a couple of weeks.

Federer and Nadal had great fun at the third Laver Cup in Prague 2019, the Spaniard advised the Swiss against Nick Kyrgios. Federer defeated Kyrgios 6-7, 7-5, 10-7 in an hour and 50 minutes for Team Europe’s fourth triumph in five meetings and a 5-3 lead.

The Swiss lost 19 points on serve and faced just one break chance. He gave away the opening set before sealing the deal with a consistent match-tiebreak performance. The Australian struggled more in his games. He fended off five out of seven break chances offered to Roger and stayed in touch until the closing moments of the encounter.

Almost nothing could separate them in the opening movement. There were ten sovereign holds, with a break on each side and a close fight until the closing stages of the tie-break. Federer broke in game four when Kyrgios sent a long forehand.

Still, his advantage was short-lived after he made a forehand error in the next game to put Nick back in contention. The Aussie held after Deuce to level the score at 3-3 and both served well in the remaining games to set up a tiebreak in which Federer created a 4-0 gap.

The Swiss started to miss more, allowing Kyrgios to recover and take a 6-5 lead with a risky serve that barely hit the line. A forehand down the line winner in the 12th point sealed the second set for Kyrgios at 49 minutes, making a great comeback and a big step towards the finish line.

With a 73% serve, Federer had the advantage in the second set. He wasted just seven points behind the first shot and waited for a chance on the return.

Roger Federer defeated Nick Kyrgios at the Laver Cup in Geneva 2019.

Nick fought for the first serve and still fended off the first four break chances.

Roger captured the fifth and took a 6-5 lead before holding in the next game to set up the match tiebreak. Federer scored five points in a row from a 2-0 deficit and remained calm until the end. He crossed the finish line on the 17th point when Kyrgios sent a long forehand to put Team Europe 5-3 ahead of the night games.

Rafael Nadal was there to cheer Roger and advise him. Federer praised Nadal, liked the clarity in his voice and called him a problem solver after finding solutions in every situation. “Judging by the result, Rafa and I did a great job.

I enjoyed his clarity and advice. It was a similar match to what Nick and I played in Prague two years ago. It was a battle for the baseline and Rafa knew how hard I had to push to stay aggressive and avoid mistakes. Rafa is a great problem/solution finder; I’ve already seen how passionate he is about finding new solutions or a winning pattern in our doubles.

Rafa isn’t afraid to switch up a winning tactic, invest wisely and stay on top all these years. It’s fun to hear him speak, especially during the encounters,” said Roger Federer.

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