NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan was once blown away at the US Open after seeing the tennis legend live: “I’m amazed at how sleek he looks”

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest sports personalities of all time. He was the best at what he did, ie playing basketball, and he knows what it takes for a person to reach that level of excellence. While it’s not easy to impress the six-time NBA champion, he was impressed at the US Open.

Tennis legend Roger Federer has long fascinated people. The 20-time Grand Slam winner is widely regarded as the greatest of all time. Likewise, Michael Jordan is held to similar standards in basketball. The admiration between the two is natural and based on their size.


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Michael Jordan was a spectator at the US Open in 2014 for a game between Roger Federer and Marinko Matosevic. He was interviewed during the game and revealed how different it was to see the tennis star live than to see him on TV. He said, “To be honest, I think he looked so smooth.”

Jordan continued: “I’ve watched him on TV, I’ve watched a lot of tennis on TV, but you never really get how smooth and how relaxed and how fundamentally solid he can make that game look“. There was a moment in the game when Federer scored tweener which drew ‘His Airness’.


“That’s where I draw the line

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MJ and Federer had worked together to release the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour AJ3. That Chicago Bulls Legende watched tennis live for the first time. He said, “I’m fascinated by how smooth he looks, he looks good in the shoes no doubt but he makes the shoes look a lot better.

Michael Jordan and Roger Federer are two GOATs


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While Federer lost in the semifinals that year, he later managed to become the first man to win 20 singles Grand Slam titles. On the other hand, Jordan won six NBA championships in the ’90s. His Chicago Bulls completely dominated that decade, scoring two three goals.

What really stands out about these wins is the fact that Jordan has won the Finals MVP each time. Along with various All-Star nominations, scoring titles, and All-NBA recognition, this cemented his legacy as the greatest.


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Although there are people who have won more than Federer and Jordan, their legacy is intact. The impact of these two legends will forever remain unprecedented.

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