LeBron James, Joel Embiid & Bradley Beal pumped for Frances Tiafoe | ATP Tour

Frances Tiafoe won the biggest win of his career on Monday Rafael Nadal In the US Open. The exciting moment got even more surreal when he returned to the dressing room.

The American learned that NBA legend LeBron James had tweeted about his big win. That was huge considering Tiafoe has used James’ ‘Silencer’ celebration in the past.

“CONGRATULATIONS YOUNG KING!!! You deserve it! @FTiafoe,” James tweeted before proceeding with another tweet. “GO ON!!!!! #Pursuit of Greatness”

“Man, I lost it in the dressing room. Brother I was going insane,” Tiafoe said with a smile. “That’s my type. When I saw him post that, I thought, ‘Do I tweet it once he sends it?’ I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to be cool and pretend I didn’t see it and then retweet it three hours later.’

“Obviously he knows I’m a big fan of his. Also got a text from Rich Paul. That’s super cool. The fact that they’re watching. It’s a perfect time. US Open is always a perfect time because there is no real sport. People can focus on tennis, which is great.”

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That wasn’t the only basketball player to witness Tiafoe’s victory. Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal was in the American’s player box. Cameras caught Beal cheering for the home favorite throughout the game. Tiafoe, who hails from the Washington area, is a huge Wizards fan.

“Obviously I saw Bradley Beal in there. His first tennis match, that was super cool to talk to after that,” Tiafoe said. “He wants to come back. It was cool. A special day for me.”

One of the NBA’s top players, Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, also tweeted about Tiafoe’s match. “FRANCES TIAFOE!!!!” he wrote. Before the tournament, Tiafoe trained in an Embiid jersey.

As exciting as it is for Tiafoe to see all of this, the best moment came on the pitch. He had never defeated a member of the “Big Three” before: Nadal, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic. His reward for this is a maiden voyage to the US Open Quarterfinals and a deafening reception from the Arthur Ashe crowd in the stadium.

“I told my agent I felt like the world stood still. I couldn’t hear anything for a minute. Even if I shake his hand, I don’t even know what I said to him. It was so blurry,” Tiafoe said. “I’ve already cried. I could barely see him and my team. Everyone was up. It was just wild. My heart is beating a thousand miles an hour. I was so excited. I thought, ‘let me sit down’.

“Honestly, I’ve never felt anything like this in my life.”

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