Simona Halep is getting divorced of millionaire husband after US Open

Simona Halep is divorcing her millionaire husband after the US Open

According to Romanian publication ProSport, Simona Halep is divorcing her multimillionaire husband Toni Iuruc after their failed US Open campaign. The decision came less than a year after the couple’s civil marriage.

According to ProSport sources, the decision will be officially recorded at a notary on Thursday. However, when asked to comment on the divorce, Toni Iuruc replied, “I don’t comment on our personal life… No, I’m not getting divorced tomorrow…

Stop insisting, no comment,” Iuruc said for Halep and her husband will not share their assets because they decided from the start of their marriage that they would not. The alleged reason for the separation is the great distance between Halep and her husband.

While the distance between Halep and Iuruc could have been one of the issues, Simona’s early exit from the US Open could also have worsened the relationship. Halep lost in the 1st round of the US Open against the Ukrainian Daria Snigur.

Halep planned to get married religiously in November

Simona Halep and millionaire Toni Iuruc were legally married last year and their church wedding was scheduled for November 13 this year at Casino Sinaia in Romania. Toni Iuruc was the one who announced the date and place of the wedding celebration.

“Thank you for the happy marriage wishes. Yes, the information is correct. In November we have our wedding in Sinaia. We hope it will be something very special for us, but I don’t want to talk anymore. It’s our private life.

If you want to talk about tennis please ask Simona. She takes care of the tennis side, she is the specialist, the family champion,” said Halep’s husband Toni Iuruc when asked about the wedding date. “My husband supports me in my tennis career.

He pushed me to come here [Mouratoglou] Academy. For me it was a big step. It changed everything in my life – going away from home and coming and staying here for several weeks to train. I’ve been happy privately since I met Toni,” Halep said recently about her husband.

Who is Halep’s husband?

Toni Iuruc is a 42-year-old Aromanian millionaire who owns six companies, one of which focuses on advertising. One of the things that strengthened the bond between the two lovebirds is the fact that both are Aromanians, a nationality associated with the Balkan region and famous figures such as Simona Halep, Gheorghe Hagi – football legend – and Gheorghe Becali, the owner, features of the football club FCSB.

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