‘Get involved and won 18 more’ – Chris Evert returns it to a Serena Williams fan about their ‘infamous’ letter controversy

Chris Evert is one of the sport’s most prominent veterans. Therefore, their words have value, reach the masses, and influence their thought process to some extent. The problem with this, however, is that their critical nature is also evident. And some in the crowd don’t appreciate it. Especially when it comes to her favorite player, Serena Williams.

The 18-time Grand Slam champion recently spoke about young blood Coco Gauff’s gameplay, igniting the deep-seated anger of Williams fans. The fans linked their statements about the 18-year-old to their famous open letter to Williams.


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Evert is under scrutiny for her critical nature

After clinching a straight-set win at the US Open, Gauff suffered a loss similar to her opponents in the quarterfinals. Cincinnati Masters champion Caroline Garcia outclassed her in sets of 6-3, 6-4. And her playing spawned a lengthy critical analysis by American veteran Chris Evert. However, that did not go down well with the fans wrote, “Chris Evert is just as bad at playing for Coco Gauff as she is for Serena.”

while another added, “Chris Evert’s stance on Serena Williams is long-standing. Check out this letter she wrote to Serena in 2006.”


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8 days ago

Although Evert’s fans came to her rescue, the former world No. 1 felt the need to justify her stance and explain how it only made Serena a better player. she wrote, “And after that she signed and won 18 more…”

Evert wrote Williams a letter in 2006 explaining how she needs to put her energy into the sport and noting the drop in her level since her debut. She received a massive outcry at the time, and it seems the wounds in the fan base are still fresh.


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Serena Williams achievements post Evert’s letter

The sevenfold French Open Champion is one of the most experienced broadcasters and analysts covering the sport today. She firmly believes that her open expression of disappointment has propelled Serena to greater heights. Let’s therefore discuss what the former world No. 1, who retired this season, claimed after the letter.

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Williams won five Australian Open, two French Open, four US Open and five Wimbledon trophies after the incident. She also won 8 doubles Grand Slams and brought the Americans one singles and two doubles gold medals from the Olympics.

Do you think Evert’s letter had any impact on the sudden upswing in Serena’s performances on tour?

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