The madcap legal battle between Venus and Serena Williams’ father “King Richard” and his estranged wife over a $1.45 million Florida mansion comes to a bizarre ending

After a long legal battle, Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena Williams, has finally given up his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. According to recent reports, Richard’s estranged wife, Lakeisha Williams, also pulled out of the case despite doing her best to delay the case.

In particular, Lakeshia tried her best to take the house away from “King Richard” by allegedly forging his signature on the papers. She mortgaged the home for nearly $255,000. However, after the amount was not paid, the house was put up for auction. However, Lakeshia stopped the auction by filing for bankruptcy.


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Richard Williams finally loses his Florida home after a long legal battle

According to court records, Richard Williams appeared at the Aug. 23 hearing but presented no arguments against the sale of the home. As a result of the judges explained that the house will be auctioned.

On the other hand, Richard’s estranged wife, Lakeshia, 43 years his junior, tried her best to stop the case again, but failed. Notably, Lakeshia borrowed the money from David Simon, a “hard lender.” After failing to pay him back, he decided to auction the house in early February.

However, Lakeisha filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, which halted the auction. The court later dismissed her case, so she appealed to have the case reopened. She previously promised to return the money to the lender in installments, which she again failed to do.

It is worth noting that Richard Lakeisha got married back in 2009 and they have a son together. However, in 2017 he filed for divorce and the legal battle between them is still ongoing.

Venus and Serena Williams’ Troubled Childhood


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Before you move into Florida House, Venus and serena Williams lived in Compton in a small house with her parents, Richard and Oracene, and three other sisters. Also, her financial situation was not very good, which made her life really difficult.

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They later moved to Florida to train at Rick Macci’s academy. In 1995, Richard and Oracene bought the house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for around $355,000. After coming to Florida, everyday life improved somewhat as Venus and Serena started playing more tournaments.


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1992: Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams drive to a tennis camp in Florida with their father Richard Williams. Mandatory Credit: Ken Levine /Allsport

After making her professional debut, many thought Venus would win the first Grand Slam title between the two sisters. Interestingly, Serena won the US Open 1999 and became the first Williams sister to win a Grand Slam. A year later, however, Venus became a Grand Slam champion, as she won both Wimbledon and US Open in 2000. In the end, Serena won 23 Grand Slam titles and Venus 7.

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