US Open prize money: how much will winners make in 2022? Purse, breakdown by field

The US Open is the final Grand Slam event of the 2022 tennis season and will also be the most lucrative of the tour’s four majors.

The US Open will award its largest prize pool in the history of the tournament. It breaks a record previously set in 2021 and will earn its winners the largest winning share of the four majors at $100,000.

The prize money for each finisher is determined by the USTA. The men’s and women’s tournaments will each receive an equal amount of prize money for the 128 participants in the tournament, and the champions on both sides will receive an equal share of the winners.

So how much will the 2022 US Open winner make? Here’s a full breakdown of the event’s purse and how it compares to other majors.

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What is the US Open exchange for 2022?

The US Open is set to feature the biggest prize purse ever in 2022. According to the tournament official sitethe US Open will be awarded more than 60 million dollars in total player compensation.

Last year, US Open prize money totaled a then-record $57.5 million. However, the total money only increased by $300,000 from 2020 to 2021. US Open money is set to increase by more than $2.5 million from 2021 to 2022.

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How much money will the US Open winner get in 2021?

The men’s and women’s individual champions each earn $2.6 million in 2022. Each received $2.5 million in 2021, so the USTA added $100,000 to the winner’s share.

However, the prize money increased across the board for each finishing stage. The 2022 runner-up will earn $50,000 more than the 2021 runner-up; semifinalists will earn $30,000 more; and even those who made the first draw of 128 will make $5,000 more than they did last year.

Additionally, the USTA offered $6.25 million in prize money during the US Open qualifier tournament this year. The players who made it to the finals received $44,000 in prize money.

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US Open 2022 prize money breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the 2022 US Open prize money. The doubles prize money will be split equally between the teams of two.

Men’s and women’s singles

location prize money
champion $2,600,000
runner up $1,300,000
semifinalist $705,000
quarter final game $445,000
round of 16 $278,000
round of 32 $188,000
Round of 16 64 $121,000
Round of 16 128 $80,000

Men’s, women’s and mixed doubles

location prize money
champion $688,000
runner up $344,000
semifinalist $172,000
quarter final game $97,500
round of 16 $56,400
round of 32 $35,800
Round of 16 64 $21,300

Breakdown of Grand Slam tournament prize pools

The US Open has around $60 million in prize money and that compares favorably to the other Grand Slam tournaments in tennis.

Below is what the other majors – the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon – are paying their competitors. All figures are in US dollars.

Australian Open

  • In total: $53.5 million
  • Winner: $2.07 million
  • runners-up: $1.13 million
  • semifinalists: $644,731
  • Quarterfinalists: $387,919
  • First round: $74,198

French Open

  • In total: $46.7 million
  • winner: $2.36 million
  • Runners-up: $1.18 million
  • semifinalists: $642,635
  • Quarterfinalists: $407,000
  • First round: $66,405


  • In total: $49.55 million
  • Winner: $2.5 million
  • Runners-up: $1.29 million
  • Semifinalist: $636,000
  • Quarter final game: $380,000
  • First round: $61,000

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