Fan speaks out after beer drinking antics go viral

Megan Lucky says she's ready to make her viral beer cuckoo antics a tradition at the US Open.  Image: US Open/Instagram

Megan Lucky says she’s ready to make her viral beer cuckoo antics a tradition at the US Open. Image: US Open/Instagram

The US Open fan whose beer-drinking escapades have taken the internet by storminsists she will return next year to keep the “tradition” alive.

American fan Megan Lucky became a viral sensation at last year’s Grand Slam tournament in New York after footage of her beer-drinking antics went viral.

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The tennis fan decided to return to Flushing Meadows in 2022 hoping to once again be the center of attention and bask in her 15 seconds of fame.

“I thought if it happened again I’d like to have a moment to freak out the crowd again,” Lucky said The New York Post in a phone interview.

During the first week at the US Open, the 26-year-old was sitting with her boyfriend in the stands at Louis Armstrong Stadium – one of the smaller arenas in the Flushing Meadows borough – when she noticed the cameras were trained on the section of the stands where she sat.

Seizing a chance to make her mark again, Lucky reached down and pulled out a beer from under her boyfriend’s seat while she was seen on the big screens at the stadium.

Seen here as US Open fan Megan Lucky drinks her beer for the cameras in Flushing Meadows in 2022.

US Open fan Megan Lucky has wowed viewers after triumphantly returning to Flushing Meadows with beers in 2022. Image: US Open Tennis

“I thought, oh oh!” Lucky remembered.

“Sure enough, the cameras found me later. I took the moment and drank the beer,” she said.

As the crowd around her broke into chants and her boyfriend offered his support, Lucky continued to yell the drink to the delight of onlookers.

The video from the official US Open Twitter account has been viewed a whopping 1.3 million times, cementing Lucky’s cult status as a Flushing Meadows fan favorite.

“I just love having a moment where people are excited and cheering and feeling something,” added Lucky.

Reflecting on the original beer-drinking incident that sparked her internet fame in 2021, Lucky admitted it was a spontaneous act fueled by a few prior drinks.

“I was a bit tipsy and had a bit of liquid courage in me. It was definitely spontaneous,” Lucky said New York Post.

Megan Lucky felt like a ‘mini celebrity’

The 26-year-old described the attention her stunt garnered as a “scream” and admitted her newfound viral fame was an amazing feeling.

“I felt like a mini-celebrity for a while,” she said.

“I never expected something like this to happen… I didn’t plan it. It just happened.”

Lucky’s internet fame has seen her follower count on Instagram grow to a staggering 81,000.

However, the tennis enthusiast says she’s determined to keep her feet on the ground despite all of the newfound interest in her.

“People only see a small part of me, and I have to keep an eye on it,” she added.

Lucky – who lives and works in New York in the corporate sector – clarified that her actions were in no way an endorsement of binge drinking.

“It was in the moment. i like to have fun But I don’t drink 100 beers,” she insisted.

The US Open fan favorite says she’s already made plans to return to Flushing Meadows in 2023 and keep her beer-drinking legacy alive.

“I can’t wait to continue the tradition,” she said.

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