‘Danger!’ Super champion meets tennis super champion Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King was a force not only on the tennis court but also for female athletes. She had the opportunity to meet another pioneer in her field: a certain mistress Danger! Champion of great repute. Let’s look at the meeting of two titans.

Introducing two icons

King is regularly regarded as one of the greatest tennis players who ever lived. She is also a women’s rights activist who has spent her life working to improve the lives of female athletes. If that’s not enough, King is an LGBTQ+ hero honored by both GLAAD and the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame for her fight against discrimination. Just being the best in tennis would be enough for King to be lauded by generations, but she has proven exceptional.

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Seeing King at the US Open is hardly surprising, but seeing her chat with a burgeoning LGBTQ+ icon is exciting indeed. King tweeted: “Response: She’s won 40 games in a row [Jeopardy!]and holds the second-longest winning streak in program history.” Who could be but Amy Schneider?

Schneider made history himself, earning the longest streak of all time behind only Ken Jennings. The fact that the two were able to talk during Pride Day is very beneficial.

A bit of history

Believe it or not, King actually helped Schneider win $200. On the January 7 issue Danger!The same night that Schneider broke the $1 million mark, she took the lead in the third clue. “After defeating Bobby Riggs in straight sets 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 on September 20, 1973, Riggs admitted, ‘I underestimated you.'” Schneider correctly responded with King’s name.

A week later, Billie Jean King came back up. This time it was the clue itself Schneider’s 32nd game, the prompt read: “Before becoming the first American woman in space, she was a star tennis player at Stanford & Billie Jean King told her to go pro.” Schneider correctly answered “Sally Ride” and received $400 . That’s a total of $600 that King Schneider helped win, or about 0.043 percent of their total earnings.

What’s next for Amy Schneider?

You will see Schneider again soon Danger! for the 2022 Tournament of Champions. She, Matt Amodio and Mattea Roach each received a bye in the tournament for their exceptional play. We’ve never seen so many super champions in one tournament before, so it’s highly anticipated indeed. Maybe King will watch himself.

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