Despite trying her best, Serena Williams once failed to get over her relationship with Drake when she left an intimate reference to the Canadian rapper

Over the course of her 27-year career, Serena Williams has ventured into diverse fields such as entertainment, business and fashion. Her list of acquaintances, which goes far beyond the world of tennis, is correspondingly long. One of those good friends is renowned Canadian rapper Drake. In 2011, Drake made a surprise appearance at Serena Williams’ tennis matches to cheer her on. A gifted musician and songwriter, Drake has been active in the music industry for over a decade.

Serena Williams and Aubrey Drake Graham have been close friends their entire lives. However, there was lingering speculation at the time of a romantic relationship between them, though none of the stars publicly addressed the rumors.


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Serena Williams and her confusing answer

Williams was featured in an episode of Vogue’s “73 Questions” on July 28, 2016. During the discussion, she revealed many aspects of her life, including her work, music, and her romantic relationships.

In the same interview, the host asked her to share her thoughts on love. The legendary American replied: “love is magic You know, it’s something you might only experience once in a lifetime.‘ The host further asked: ‘What’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?‘ She replied by saying, ‘It hasn’t happened yet.


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9 days ago

Drake and Williams were first suspected of being together after they were spotted together at a Cincinnati restaurant about a year ago. Although the fact that Drake had been spotted seated on court during one of their tennis matches had sparked some speculation, rumors surrounding the couple really took off after the paparazzi photos were released.


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News outlets and social media sites went crazy because of this relationship. From then on, it was impossible to keep their private activities secret.

Serena vs. Venus – the record at the 23rd Grand Slam

Serena was in the final of the Australian Open 2017 screamedyou fight” for herself as she achieved the championship point against her older sister and idol Venus. It’s only remarkable considering the American legend was pregnant with her daughter Olympia while she was fighting for one of tennis’ biggest titles.


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serena won to secure in straight sets (6-4, 6-4). regaining her seventh Australian Open title, first place in the global rankings and adding another major trophy to her collection (her 23rd overall).

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