Serena Williams’ stepmom’s latest plan to make $500k to save at home after she was accused of ‘blowing up money on fast food’

SERENA Williams’ stepmother has hatched one last plan to keep the childhood home that Serena and her sister Venus grew up in to become tennis champions, The US Sun can reveal.

Lakeisha, the estranged spouse of “King Richard” Williamshas reportedly resumed her trucking business to pay off the couple’s mountainous debt, though their latest attempt has proved disastrous, according to new court documents.

Serena Williams hugs her father - Richard - after winning her women's singles final at the 2012 Wimbledon Tennis Championship


Serena Williams hugs her father – Richard – after winning her women’s singles final at the 2012 Wimbledon Tennis ChampionshipPhoto credit: Getty
Richard Williams will lose his former home


Richard Williams will lose his former homeCredit: Adam Gray/SWNS for The US Sun
Richard was embroiled in a long legal battle with his ex, Lakeisha (pictured in 2010).


Richard was embroiled in a long legal battle with his ex, Lakeisha (pictured in 2010).Photo credit: Getty
Serena and Venus with their father as children


Serena and Venus with their father as childrenPhoto credit: Getty

The 37-year-old, who is said to be 43 years younger than her estranged husband Forged Richard’s signature on the mortgage deeds of his four-bedroom home in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and borrowed $255,000 from “hard lender” David Simon, only to blow up a failed trucking company, according to earlier court filings.

Simon spent five years trying to get his money back – which now totals $584,109 including interest – with both Lakeisha and Richard liable for the debt.

The court ordered that the house in Serenas Family of 27 years, to be auctioned off with Simon receiving the lion’s share of the proceeds.

earlier this week, Richard offered no defense to the auctionwhich is due September 27, but now Lakeisha has made a late offer to halt the sale.

After twice failing to file for bankruptcy, Lakeisha has now returned a third time to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a payment plan for Simon consisting of monthly payments of $8,277 for the first three months and then $11,092 USD for the next 13 months. and £10,978 for the last 44 months.

But Simon, in his response, points out that other repayment plans have not materialized and previously blamed her for wasting the money on fast food, the legal papers say.

This time he says she has resumed her trucking business, but it will never be enough to cover the debt as she spends every penny.

“Spends All Her Income”

The court document obtained from The US sunShe says, “No matter how much money her trucking business makes each month, she spends her entire income each month without paying a dollar to the secured creditor [i.e Simon].”

According to the Open Corporates website, Lakeisha founded Millie and Molly Tranportation Inc in 2017 — the year she allegedly forged her husband’s signature — and is currently dormant.

Earlier court documents show the trucking business started in Long Island, New York, but with just one vehicle — a “Volvo semi-trailer” that Simon bought.

The truck was then repossessed by Simon after an incident in Long Island City. He said in his statement: “The truck was in New York, Long Island City after it was involved in an accident and caused $30,000 worth of property damage.

“The trailer split in half, spilled its load all over the street, it all took $30,000 to clean up and store. josh [Simon’s brother] flew to Long Island City to pick up the truck and drive back here to Florida.”

To keep up with her proposed repayment plan, Lakeisha would need to earn around $360 a day, seven days a week, and that’s before her living expenses.

But Simon claims that Lakeisha is wasting her money on “fast food and frivolities,” stating in a document: “The borrower does not have enough disposable income to recover from the mortgage default. Although her income seems substantial, the debtor spends all her money on income from fast food and frivolities.”


He has also consistently argued that the property was so derelict that it was rotting inside and due to its condition is currently uninsurable.

He stated in court documents that “the debtor does not provide adequate protection for the collateral of the secured creditor, the home. The house is uninsured, the roof is leaking, and the collateral threatens total loss.”

It’s the latest in the long-running soap opera between Richard and his estranged wife – who were involved in one bitter litigation for five years.

Richard, 80, whose life story was co-starred in the film King Richard Will Smith, was previously claimed to suffer from irreparable “brain damage” and “dementia.”

court records from his divorce battle included the testimony of his own doctor, who claimed he was completely incapacitated.

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At one point, however, it looked like the couple reconciled for a moment as she called off their divorce and shared how the couple was quiet enjoy weekly sex sessionslegal papers uncovered.

The Sun reached out to Lakeisha Williams and David Simon’s attorneys.

Richard in a rare video posted to social media


Richard in a rare video posted to social mediaCredit: Richard Williams/Facebook
Pictures submitted as evidence of the house's decay


Pictures submitted as evidence of the house’s decayCredit: ProToCall Home Inspections
Tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams grew up in the Palm Beach home


Tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams grew up in the Palm Beach homePhoto credit: AFP

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