Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. fight for the undisputed welterweight title on November 19

While 2022 may be remembered as one of boxing’s greatest years in decades in terms of fight quality, things got better on Friday when undefeated welterweight champions Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford settled on terms for a unification bout on 11.19 in Las Vegas.

ESPN first reported the news.

When undefeated welterweights, each wearing a belt, fight for the title, boxing often goes all out.

Spence-Crawford will have two top five pound-for-pound fighters battling for the undisputed championship. crawford, who is #1 in Yahoo Sports’ pound-for-pound rankings, holds the WBO welterweight title. He’s 38-0 with a 29 knockout. Spence, No. 5 in the Yahoo Sports league table, is 28-0 with 22 knockouts and holds the IBF-WBA-WBC welterweight belts.

No venue has been set.

This is the type of fight that can help increase interest in boxing. The sport has been blessed with excellent young talent in recent years, many of whom are now burgeoning. But building the sport and growing the fan base takes fights like Spence-Crawford who can push boundaries and create new fans.

A member of the 2012 US Olympic team, Spence was compared early in his pro career to the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard for his ability to do anything in the ring. Spence is a southpaw and Leonard was orthodox but Spence is a brilliant boxer with a great chin, big slam in both hands and great lateral movement. He is good at fighting forwards and backwards.

Terence Crawford meets Errol Spence Jr. for all belts at 147 pounds in November.

Terence Crawford meets Errol Spence Jr. for all belts at 147 pounds in November.

Crawford is a brilliant technician, battling lefties and orthodox, transitioning between them seamlessly and almost effortlessly.

This show will garner the mainstream following and buzz that most fights, even high-quality ones, don’t get today. And so it’s an opportunity to increase the fan base by filling the map not only with talented fighters, but also with talented fighters in convincing fights.

Spence-Crawford is one of those fights that’s almost guaranteed to be riveting.

Crawford-Spence: Right fight at the right time

However, one of the problems that has hampered boxing is that the promoters are now spending so much money putting together the main event, particularly for a pay-per-view card, that there is nothing left to fill out a quality undercard and market. advertise and promote the show. So, if there is no controversy or means to pique the public’s interest, the box office struggle suffers.

Filling an undercard with great fights doesn’t guarantee it will sell. But when that’s done and the fights go as expected, fans will feel like they got their money’s worth. This way you can add new fans. It’s a long-term investment.

Spence-Crawford will deliver. The early pick here is Crawford as he is more versatile and has more winning opportunities. I don’t dislike Spence because he lived up to the hype that surrounded him not only when he came off the Olympics, but also when he trained with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his early days as a pro.

But Crawford is a mean and unruly guy who is one of boxing’s best finishers. He’s a slow starter and that could be problematic against Spence, but he’s one of the smartest fighters in the sport and has a better sense of when to hit the gas pedal than anyone.

It’s truly a time for celebration as this is a big fight that takes place while the fighters are undoubtedly in their prime. Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, for example, met in 2015 when they were both past their prime. Would the fight have been more convincing or the outcome different if they had fought in 2010? Nobody will know, but there is an argument that the answer to both questions is yes.

I would have preferred Mayweather for his style no matter when he fought Pacquiao, but it’s still debated in boxing circles.

Luckily, the Spence-Crawford fight happens when it should, and that’s reason for boxing fans to say thank you and save their money. November 19 will be a big night for the sport and its fans.

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