When Rafael Nadal waited for Novak Djokovic for seven minutes

When Rafael Nadal waited seven minutes for Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic made a successful start at the 2010 ATP Finals. In the second round robin match, two rivals met for the 23rd time, and the Spaniard triumphed 7-5, 6-2 in an hour and 52 minutes. That’s how Rafa Novak batted for the 16th time, maintaining a perfect score in London.

Djokovic played well in the first encounter against Berdych and made a great start against Nadal. Despite this, the Serb suffered a right eye irritation in game eight, took a medical break and changed his contact lenses several times.

Despite his efforts, Novak couldn’t improve his vision, almost playing the second set with an eye and never standing a chance against such a strong opponent. Novak’s time-out off the pitch lasted seven minutes and Rafa said nothing as he waited for his opponent to return to the pitch.

Still, the Spaniard was asked to speed up a little on serve when the action resumed and he argued with the chair umpire about it. After the match, Rafa explained that he didn’t mind Novak’s extended time-out.

Still, it didn’t feel right for him when the referee pressed him after missing the serve in time for two or three seconds. Nadal saved four out of five break chances and grabbed 43% of return points. He delivered four breaks to seal the deal in straight sets and beat Djokovic for the second time this season.

Novak made 30 unforced errors after failing to control his shots. He lost ground in the closing stages of the opening set, choosing all-or-nothing shots as the only option. Nadal clinched the first break at 2-2 in the opening set after an entertaining point at net before losing on the next serve and wasting two break points in game seven.

Novak Djokovic dealt with eye irritation against Rafael Nadal in London in 2010.

Novak started feeling the problems with his eye in the eighth game and left the pitch while trying to find a solution. The Serb served well in game nine before making a backhand error at 5-5 to give his opponent the break.

Nadal erased three break chances and claimed them after a grueling 75 minutes. Novak tried to solve the problems ahead of the second set but they only got worse. He lost serve in games one and three, sending Rafa 3-0 up. Nadal held at 30 in game six with a smash winner to control the scoreboard before emerging at 5-2 in front with a service winner.

“The referee told me I had to be faster between the points. I think the medical time-out is three minutes and Novak stayed off the pitch for seven minutes. But no bad feelings as I have an excellent relationship with him.

I waited for Novak for seven minutes, which wasn’t a problem and the referee warned me that I was a few seconds late on serve. I wanted to discuss this with him as he was pressuring me to give less time between serves.

I’m not against the rules and I know I have to be faster as I often serve late. I think the situation was different today. I waited a lot and the referee couldn’t tell me in the next game that I have to be faster because I waited for Novak twice” said Rafael Nadal.

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