Alexis Ohanian, husband of Serena Williams, is letting go of his parental kitchen adventure as he passes the baton to daughter Olympia

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has previously showcased his latent cooking talent. He posted a video of himself making artistic pancakes for his daughter. Ohanian has now taught his 5-year-old daughter how to make artful pancakes. The American entrepreneur recently shared an adorable video of Olympia drawing some cute pancakes.

Despite his busy schedule, the Reddit co-founder makes time for his baby daughter and his tennis star wife, Serena Williams. Ohanian is often seen in the stands cheering on Williams during their games.


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Serena Williams’ 5-year-old daughter makes artful pancakes

American entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian is very active on his social media. He recently shared an adorable video clip of his baby daughter, Olympia Ohanian, on his Twitter account. Alexis tweeted, “And for the first time, I let @OlympiaOhanian try to draw her.”

He explained that it was the first time he had let their daughter try drawing some artistic pancakes. In this video, Olympia was seen making colorful pancakes with the help of his father. Though the pancakes were out of shape, Ohanian admired her little daughter’s attempts at cooking. The American entrepreneur also shared the adorable video on his Instagram story.

Alexis Ohanian loves to cook for his little daughter and her tennis star wife. He also supports Williams while she works in the kitchen. It is clear to say that Olympia inherited the cooking talent from his father.

Ohanian invests in an NFT project

The Reddit co-founder is known for investing in various business ventures. He recently invested millions of dollars in a popular NFT project. A well-known NFT company, Doodles, received an enormous amount of funding from Ohanian’s company. A report from Forbes specified that the NFT Company has received $54 million in equity financing at a valuation of $704 million. It was also stated that Ohanian’s company, Seven Seven Six, led the funding round.


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The popular company NFT offers users various colorful pictures and doodle art. Other prominent names in the market such as FTX Ventures, Acrew Capital and 10T Holdings provided funds to Doodles. The official account of the company NFT tweeted, “We are pleased to announce that Doodles has raised $54 million at a valuation of $704 million.”


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Ohanian has previously hinted at the popular NFT projects. He has often been seen active on his social media speaking about the NFT market and how Doodles is a big part of it. In one of his tweets, he also hinted that he might fund Doodles. Additionally, the Reddit co-founder is often seen talking about various business ventures on his Twitter account.

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