‘It’s called Crip Walk You Fool’ – As fans blamed the notorious journalist for his sarcastic take on Serena Williams’ celebration

Serena Williams, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, has often shown off her graceful tennis on the tennis court. Aside from her brilliant tennis, she also has a signature celebration and people call it “Serena Twirl”. Win or lose, she often shoots for her fans.

Interestingly, during the London 2012 Olympics, she had a different kind of celebration; She did a nativity scene. After seeing Serena’s dance moves, notorious British journalist Piers Morgan made a sarcastic comment about it. However, fans mercilessly mocked the journalist for commenting on Serena’s dance moves.


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Fans mocked Piers Morgan for trying to troll Serena Williams

Remarkably, Serena won a gold medal at the London Olympics after defeating Maria Sharapova in the final. After the match, she did the crip walk, which made a lot of headlines at the time. Even Piers Morgan couldn’t stop himself from tweeting about it as he continued to write Twitter, The Serena Shuffle – fabulous!

After seeing Morgan’s sarcastic comment, famous presenter Nischelle Turner replied: if Piers wants to call this the Serena shuffle…well…urrr…um. #call sniffer LOLOL.

Besides her, many fans also commented on the tweet and trained Morgan. a fan wrote, “No it’s called the Crip Walk, you fool.

Other fans joined in and corrected Morgan for calling it a shuffle. Meanwhile, one fan praised Serena, writing: Keep shining Serena.

Another fan wrote: She’s only good enough to rival men for their money.

Although Morgan has shown love and respect for Serena in the past, he has also been critical of her at times. At the 2019 French Open, Morgan criticized Serena’s outfit. But in 2017 he praised Serena for winning the Australian Open while she was pregnant.

Serena’s 2012 Golden Olympics


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At the 2012 London Olympics serena confronted her archrival Maria Sharapova in the fight for the gold medal. The fans expected a match at a high level. However, Serena absolutely decimated the Russian player to win her first singles gold medal at the Olympics. the result of the game was 6-0 6-1 in favor of the American player.

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In addition, she also won the gold medal in doubles at the 2012 Olympics, along with her sister Venus. She was also in the stands during Serena’s singles match against Sharapova. When Serena did the crip walk Venus laughed from the stands, showing her support for her sister.


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Especially Serena won 4 four gold medals at the Olympic Games; three in doubles and one in singles. She won her first gold medal in doubles at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. She then also won doubles at the Beijing Olympics. Recently, the American tennis player retired from tennis after winning 23 Grand Slam titles, the second-highest in tennis history.

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