‘Might say someone is a clown’ – Chris Evert responds to being ‘devastated’ for her comment on the likes of Serena Williams, Coco Gauff and more

Chris Evert is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time alongside players like Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King. She was a pioneer in women’s tennis, popularizing the “modern” style of play, be it the two-handed backhand or the dominant baseline style. She won 18 major singles titles, making her career one of the most successful in the Open Era.

Now retired, she works as a commentator. In one of her recent interviews, she was seen speaking about the commentary and how times have changed.


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Chris Evert on criticism for her comment on players like Serena Williams

In a podcast interview with Design Matters, Chris Evert spoke about her legendary career as an athlete. During this interview with Debbie Millman, so did she spoken about how commentary has changed in modern times. She also spoke about the criticism of her comment about players like Serena. So it’s like nowadays you have to pay attention to everything you say, and back then you could say anything you wanted.

She continued to say so You could say someone was a clown and you wouldn’t get in trouble. You could say you know the bad boys of tennis… and now it’s like Kyrgios is some kind of bad boy, but they’re very careful about how they explain it. You know it’s easy, it’s just so different. It’s just so different now.


‘That’s not hypersensitivity’ – Hall of Famer Chris Evert is snubbed for criticizing Coco Gauff’s play at the 2022 US Open

13 days ago


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The 18-time Grand Slam winner recently commented on Coco Gauff’s game, which infuriated Serena Williams’ die-hard supporters. Because of her comments about the 18-year-old, admirers began to draw parallels between her open letter Williams and the youth.

What is Evert doing these days?

After retiring as an 18-time Grand Slam champion, she now offers in-depth analysis of the sport at major events. This year, Evert was at the US Open in her new role as ESPN commentator. This was her second competition of the season after Wimbledon.


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Everyone in the tennis community looks up to Evert for her insight and knowledge. Although she is sometimes criticized for her controversial opinions, fans and pundits alike welcome her unfiltered opinions during matches. She recently forged an impeccable professional connection with another American legend, John McEnroe, when the pair made captivating comments during the US Open.

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