‘Millions of dollars in brand deals’ – Alexis Ohanian, husband of Serena Williams, slams a ‘ridiculously fake’ fan who poked fun at Angel City FC’s popularity

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian is the leading investor in the popular women’s soccer club Angel City FC. The recent game between San Diego FC and Angel City FC broke the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) attendance record.

However, despite the historic record, some fans were still not convinced of the popularity of women’s football and mocked the football club. It was Ohanian who came out to shut down the fan who claimed that women’s sports are not worth watching.


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Alexis Ohanian, husband of Serena Williams, shuts down a fan who poked fun at women’s football

Angel City FC’s lead investor, Ohanian, recently took to Twitter to celebrate the all-time record attendance in the National Women’s Soccer League. A record-breaking 32,000 fans watched it fit between San Diego FC and Angel City FC. Ohanian was proud of the achievements of a women’s sport and took this as a perfect opportunity to condemn people who poke fun at women’s sport. He tweeted sarcastically “NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH WOMEN’S SPORTS. (32,000+ for a Regular Season @NWSL match)”

However, some fans still questioned the popularity of women’s football. One of the fans responded to Ohanian’s tweet by saying: “It’s rather not profitable (definitely not worth 100 million). At $22 per seat, that’s $704,000 multiplied by 11 home games, that’s 7.7 million in ticket revenue, subtract the cost of paying players, workers and stadium operations. They even break. Merchandise and ads could = 2 million” The fan explained that the amount Ohanian invested in his football club is not worth it as he cannot make profits from the matches.

However, the American entrepreneur had the perfect answer to his criticism. He explained that his club already has millions of dollars in branded deals. Ohanian tweeted, “You are ridiculously wrong. Millions of dollars in brand deals already.”

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, has always shown his respect and support for women’s sports. He further stated that it should receive the same recognition as men’s sport.

Williams’ daughter is learning to cook from his father, Alexis Ohanian

American entrepreneur Ohanian recently shared an adorable video of his baby daughter Olympia. In this video clip, she was seen making colorful pancakes with his father. The Reddit co-founder loves to cook for his tennis star wife and daughter.


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Ohanian’s five-year-old little daughter learned the art of cooking from his father. She tried to cook artistic pancakes for the first time.


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An adorable video clip was shared by Ohanian on his Twitter account. The sweet pancakes weren’t the right shape, but her dad was probably proud of her attempt at cooking. Ohanian has also endorsed fellow tennis star Serena Williams. He is often seen helping his wife while she is cooking in the kitchen.

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