‘A lot of men who would be COMPLETELY destroyed’ – Serena Williams fans brutally mock the American commentator for his controversial take on gender equality in sport

The fight for equality between men and women in sport has a long history. Billie Jean King, an American tennis superstar, was the standard-bearer for women’s equality in tennis, followed by Serena Williams. She was a key figure in this movement, having memorably triumphed in the ‘battle of the sexes’.

She then played a pivotal role in founding the Women’s Tennis Association and achieving equal prize money for women at the US Open. Along with her, Venus and Serena Williams also contributed significantly to this fight. Serena’s husband, Alexis Ohanian, has also been a passionate advocate for women’s equality in sport. However, not everyone seems to agree. Ben Shapiro previously questioned gender equality in sport on Twitter.


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Serena’s fans are in a troll mood over Ben Shapiro’s controversial tweet

Today, Ben Shapiro, the American commentator and host of ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’ took to Twitter and posted a rather controversial tweet. He tweeted against gender equality in sport, citing Serena Williams as an example.

The left now argues that we shouldn’t segregate sport by gender; They argue that men have no biological advantage over women in athletics. If women and men in sports weren’t segregated by gender, nobody would have ever heard of Serena Williams. That’s not sexism. It’s the reality.‘ Shapiro, 38, tweeted.

In response to this tweet, there were many Serena Williams fans, and other tennis fans in particular, who were not a bit pleased.

There was this fan who found the whole topic nonsensical and quoted: “internet news boy.

Here was another fan who seemed to agree with what Ben Shapiro said, quoting the actual tweet as saying: “There would be no women in sport at all. Except for the ones with ap**is, of course.

Likewise, there was this fan who found the entire scenario ridiculous and quoted: “Who argues that? This is completely fictitious and absurd.

Now, this particular fan felt the funnier side of things, saying: “Ben just makes up shit and then argues against it lol

Another fan said: “So it remains with the patriarchy.

This one particular fan appeared to be pro-gender equality in sport, saying: “Try saying that @BillieJeanKing

Here was this Serena Williams fan who felt distinctly different about the comparison serena and said, “Why did he choose like the one woman who would still absolutely dominate when playing against men

Here was this fan who was pretty excited about the male/female clash, quoting: “I would LOVE it if the US national teams, men and women, competed in a match. How about the WNBA All-Stars against an NBA All-Star team? It’s beyond ridiculous.

Fans just kept reacting to the tweet, and there was this fan saying, “Hello Ben. Why don’t you go ahead and challenge Serena Williams to a tennis match and see how well it works for your “biologically favored” male body?

The other fan got a little sarcastic and said: “Ben is trying to grow facial hair and I don’t think it’s going to work the way he expects


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In this case, the fan came up with an example from boxing and quoted: “ben This whole clip was literally sexism. The belief system that one sex is inherently superior to the other. That’s not the reality. Take boxing, there are many men who would be utterly devastated in the ring against Christy Martin. She has 49 wins by KO. grow up.

Alexis Ohanian, husband of Serena Williams, supports women’s sports

Alexis Ohanian gained weight Instagram to discuss his thoughts on investing in women’s sport. In one of his posts, the Reddit co-founder said: “Normalize investments in women’s sport” in response to an article about NWSL team owners.


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Ohanian is the principal investor in Angel City FC, which competes in the NWSL. And those who originally conceived and founded the club are Natalie Portman, Kara Nortman and Julie Uhrman.

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