Federer: The first legend to take the step into retirement

ROgre Federer said goodbye to tennis. What fans feared for a long time has now been made official in a press conference. While this may feel like a crushing blow to the sport, remember that this is just the first in a list of heartbreaking sporting retirements to come.

The Swiss superstar is the first of a golden generation of athletes to take the big step towards retirement.

Besides Federer there is Rafa Nadal in tennis, Lebron James in basketball, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in football and Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in Formula 1.

While springer seemed happy with his decision to retire, others don’t seem in the mood to do the same.

Rafa Nadal

The Spaniard has never closed the door on retirement but he doesn’t seem to have it open either. At 36, he’s had an almost spectacular year.

Injuries have not left him alone, but he has learned to live with them. It doesn’t look like he wants to follow in Roger’s footsteps. At least not at the moment, although he is now resting after a busy season. In fact, he confirmed it in the last few days: “My career is far from over, quite the opposite”.

Fernando Alonso

“I will certainly reach 400 races in Formula 1”. Just a few days ago, at the age of 41, he made it clear. At Monza he matched Kimi Raikkonen’s 349 starts. In Singapore he will complete another one and already hold the overall record. In addition to his two world championships

As part of his deal with Aston Martin, Alonso has signed on for two more years until he’s 43, and then we’ll see. So he left Alpine to make sure he had a spot until he said enough is enough. A new project.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton won everything. He is a seven-time champion and led an era of dominance for Mercedes.

In 2021 he was close to an eighth title that would have put him ahead of Michael Schumacher, but it wasn’t to be… and rumors surrounding his departure were unleashed.

Due to the controversy after racing resumed in Abu Dhabi, many said Hamilton was too devastated to race again. but he came back.

Now he doesn’t have the car to win, but he doesn’t want to give up. He has said it many times that as long as he wants to compete he will continue to do so.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

The two soccer stars also don’t seem excited to announce their departure anytime soon. They’re still in good form, albeit a long way from LaLiga Santander.

Cristiano (37) actually made it clear just a few hours ago. “The goal is the World Cup … but also Euro 2024,” he said in his last speech. It seems he still has a long way to go despite not having his best moment at club level.

And Messi is still at PSG at 35. Just this week he scored the goal that propelled PSG to the top of the group in Ligue 1. After all the controversy sparked by the extension requests with Bara, it seems he hasn’t thought about retiring from the Elite just yet.

Lebron James

He is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history. He has won four rings and four MVP awards. He also has 18 consecutive All-Star selections. In 2027, LeBron James could join his two sons in the NBA.

He said it just a few months ago. He wanted it to happen… and it would save him from a potential goodbye until he’s 42.

“I feel like I could play for a while. It all depends on my body, but more importantly on my mind,” he explained.

The past year has not been good for him. He finished the play-ins, but it looks like things could change. The Lakers roster is being strengthened so that the same thing doesn’t happen in 2022 and it seems that this could be a motivation for the player to decide to continue his career regardless of his age (37).

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