Daria Saville suffers horrifying knee injury, Naomi Osaka rushes to help (WATCH)

Daria Saville suffers horrific knee injury, Naomi Osaka rushes to the rescue (WATCH)

Daria Saville suffered a serious knee injury just 14 minutes into her first-round match in Tokyo and Naomi Osaka rushed to the Australian to check on her as soon as she went down in significant pain.

Saville was eventually able to bounce back, but she didn’t hesitate to abandon the match.

After the game, Saville took to Twitter, where she expressed hope it wasn’t a torn ACL injury. “Can we all pray it’s not ACL and will get an MRI tomorrow,” Saville tweeted.

In another tweet; Saville wrote: “I’m genuinely in disbelief at what the heck happened, I’m not even sad I’m just shocked.”

Saville returned successfully from an Achilles operation

Earlier this season, Saville returned from Achilles surgery.

Saville, who was well outside the top-500 earlier this season, is now the 55th player in the world. If the MRI showed a cruciate ligament rupture, Saville would again take a long break. In addition, Saville played her first tournament since the US Open.

After losing in the first round of the US Open, Saville urged the public to change their perception of Grand Slams. “Why do slams feel so different from other tournaments? Grand Slams are messy. It’s busy, it’s so bloody chaotic in the player areas, and 90% of these people never travel to another tournament except because it’s a slam they’ve come to “support” their players.

friends, family, agents. I don’t know about other players but I feel like I owe them a win. I just want to do my job, I don’t come to your job to “support” you. I like to focus on progress, but all of that goes out the window during the slam.

Because at every second tournament you “prepare” for the slam. My thinking gets so toxic and all I want to do is win and I feel like everyone around me wants me to win. It’s not true, but it feels like nobody cares if I’m better. Just win,” Saville wrote on Instagram.

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