‘When I have kids…’: $285M man Lewis Hamilton wishes his kids didn’t follow him but Serena Williams

Lewis Hamilton is a man whose shadow in Formula 1 will not soon be forgotten. Especially as it gets bigger every day in the form of a comeback after a bumpy start to the season. But Hamilton didn’t always have that giant reputation and had a pretty rough childhood.

As such, the Mercedes Star has his own strong opinions on how to raise his future children.


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Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t want his kids to be F1 drivers

In an interview with Channel 4 Sports, Lewis Hamilton opened up on various topics, including his future children.

Hamilton laughs in the middle of the interview noticed, “I just hope that when I have kids – if I have them – they don’t want to be racers.”

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – APRIL 1: Lewis Hamilton poses during the Signature Talk “Being a Pilot” with Valentino Rossi at the IWC Schaffhausen booth at Watches and Wonders 2022 on April 1, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Remy Steiner/Getty Images for IWC)

This came as quite a surprise to the host. When asked why, Hamilton added dryly: “Well if you look at our sport, if you look at all the ex-riders then their kids come through, it’s different for the kids that follow, isn’t it?”

“First of all, I don’t want that pressure to be there. Because then people say, “You only got there because your name is Senna or something like that.”

It’s a fair point based on the harsh reality of any sport. Lewis Hamilton has legitimate concerns. Instead, the F1 champion has a different wish for his children. “No, I want them to take lessons from Serena and be the next tennis player, you know?” Hamilton chuckled.


Lewis Hamilton, sitting at the top of the F1 world, humbles himself to stand alongside sporting titans Tom Brady, Serena Williams, LeBron James and Roger Federer

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The $285 million is a mark of respect and admiration value Mercedes driver notes for the tennis star that he would consider raising his children in her image.

Hamilton and Williams – the most supportive friendship ever

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have been very public with their support and admiration for each other.

Williams had previously called Lewis first on their list of GOATs. And Lewis has repeated called her as his inspiration and role model in the sports world.


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Not only that, earlier this year Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton pledged $13.1 million each in a prospective bid to jointly buy Premier League Chelsea. Although the deal didn’t go through, it showed us the strong bond the two share. And if getting involved in such ventures isn’t a sign of their healthy and strong friendship, then we don’t know what is.


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Serena Williams may have retired, but her light will shine bright and inspire others for generations to come. Hopefully this mutual admiration will grow even stronger in the years to come.

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