‘My mother was an illegal immigrant’ – Alexis Ohanian, husband of Serena Williams, leaves poignant message to prove he’s a ‘self-made’ millionaire

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is a well-known face in the business world. In his early days, he founded Reddit with his friends. Since then he has invested in various fascinating business concepts. Serena Williams and Ohanian are both self-made stars in their respective arenas.

Recently, the Reddit co-founder took to his social media to share a myth concept about being a self-made millionaire and offered his opinion on his concept of being one. He is the mastermind behind several startup companies and has a net worth of more than $40 million.


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Alexis Ohanian criticizes remark about self-made millionaires

Ohanian took to Twitter to share a video that talked about self-made millionaires and showed how simple it can be but with a twist. They referenced their success with connection and helped build their value. In this video, a fan questioned the Reddit co-founder about his parents or family wealth and connections.

Here’s what he wrote to answer fans’ concerns. He said, “No. My mom was an illegal immigrant + my dad was a travel agent. I had a great aunt who was a public school teacher who saved her entire life to make sure I could go to a 4 year college with no debt. That was a privilege, sure, but no wealth/connections.”


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4 days ago

He spoke about his parents’ background and how privileged he was to grow in a great atmosphere of self-growth. Ohanian and the tennis ace Williams what he is today is because of him and not because of someone’s wealth but because of his parents’ struggles in his teenage years.


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The Business Ventures of Serena Williams

After retiring from sport, Serena Williams is making her way in the business world. She has a venture capital firm called Serena Ventures that invests in various young business owners so they can grow their businesses.

In addition, not only the 23-time Grand Slam winner, but also her daughter is part of the family business. The three have invested in the Los Angeles women’s soccer team, Angel City FC. Her five-year-old daughter is the youngest person to invest in a company.


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In addition, the world number one also has her own fashion line and jewelry brand in America. In particular, she has also developed a strong interest in cryptocurrencies.

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