Roger Federer wore a unique Rolex in the last match

Roger Federer didn’t win his match on day 1 of the Laver Cup in London, but he was still celebrated. It was his retirement match, playing doubles for Team Europe alongside great rival and friend Rafael Nada, and it ended in tears – a dramatic backdrop to a remarkable career. Which watch did he choose for this important occasion? yes it was a Rolexbut not an obvious choice.

not how Nadal wearing his Richard Mille watch while playing, Federer’s Rolex only appeared on his wrist when he was off the pitch. Spotted on the bench alongside Nadal, even casual Rolex fans could probably identify the 2022 Air King instantly. As a Rolex ambassadorthe brand on his wrist is no surprise, but the model is one of Rolex’s sports watches that flies relatively under the radar.

Laver Cup 2022 Day One Roger Federer wears a Rolex Air King

Roger Federer played his last professional match at the Laver Cup 2022.

Frey/TPNGetty Images

Rolex Air King watch

Rolex has revised its polarizing Air King collection for 2022.


Long regarded as something of a midget in the Rolex lineup, the Air King ($7,400) returned this year to a mixed reception. Say what you say about this polarizing model, but it’s highly recognizable with its whimsical double-digit hour markers – it’s even clear at a glance that this is the 2022 model, given the new ’05’ minute marker and crown guard notice immediately. Collectors often point out that being easily identifiable is what makes a watch iconic, and of course wearing it very visibly by a legend like Federer can further enhance a watch’s status.

The choice of a relatively overlooked model shows character and personality, but Federer actually wore a different watch for each day of the Laver Cup, which lasts three days: he wore one on the sidelines for days two and three Green Dial Oyster Perpetual ($6,150) on day 2 and a more upscale day-date on day 3. Since he only actually played on day one, a pragmatic and sporting choice might have made sense, while the day-date at the end of the event feels more like a proper “retirement clock”.

Federer will remain a legend and likely a Rolex ambassador too. The Air-King, on the other hand, will certainly remain controversial – but also coveted and often Priced above retail, just like the brand’s other steel sports watches.


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