Here’s why Michael Jordan once switched from his brand to Andre Agassi’s Air Challenge LWP

Over the years there have been many American tennis players who have become legends. Fortunately, Andre Agassi is one of them. During his long and distinguished career, Agassi won an incredible eight Grand Slam titles. That being said, the 52-year-old is the second of just five men to win a Grand Slam in their career.

However, 1995 was a year that brought him much success as a player. And during that time, he was often spotted wearing and supporting Nike Air Challenge LWP shoes. Similarly, the great Michael Jordan chose Agassi’s Air Challenge LWP for his infamous NBA comeback that same year.


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Why did Michael Jordan choose the Agassi Air Challenge LWP?

Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA in 1993, but finally made a comeback in 1995. His return after two years was literally a turning point for the league.

But to everyone’s surprise, 59-year-old Jordan, wore then a different pair of shoes. It was the Air Challenge LWP, the tennis shoes recommended by Andre Agassi. However, the reason for his switch to the Air Challenge LWP was to promote Nike’s other shoes.


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Agassi was instrumental in the rise of tennis shoes in the market. He was the undisputed king of the sport in the 1990s, all thanks to Nike for the crowning glory. To top it off, Air Challenge LWPs were his signature shoes.


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An enormous one on that place Performance by Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi is undeniably one of the greatest tennis players of all time. The legendary American has not only won eight Grand Slams, but is also the youngest US player to win the French Open and the Australian Open. He’s also the first singles player to win all four majors on three different surfaces.

Agassi was someone who rose to prominence in a relatively short amount of time thanks to his eccentric display of flamboyant tennis. However, due to his illness, Agassi had to retire from professional tennis in 2006.


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When the tennis is great Roger Federer, announced his retirement, the American ace was one of many well-known players to thank Federer for years of hard work in this great sport.

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