‘Why I’m Not Around Anymore’ – Brooke Shields admits her ex-husband Andre Agassi’s marriage to Steffi Graf was her fault

Tennis legend Andre Agassi has had a glittering career. He finished in the top three and won in seven other Grand Slam events eight grand slams. However, his extrajudicial life was very different. He had many personal problems to deal with. There were rumors that the eight-time Grand Slam winner had brought his on-pitch temper into his personal life, which ultimately led to Agassi’s ex-wife Brooke Shields deciding to end their marriage.

Despite this, Shields no longer seems to harbor any bitterness over the failed marriage. Brooke Shields recently admitted that because of her, Andre Agassi had to marry Steffi Graf.


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Brooke Shields says she was the reason Andre Agassi married Steffi Graf

During a recent interview, Brooke Shields claimed that she was responsible for her ex-husband Andre Agassi’s marriage to Steffi Graf. “I’m divorced. And mine was very quick and relatively easy, but it’s a very interesting thing because he said to me, ‘Be glad we don’t have kids, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it easy for you.’ And that’s why I’m not here anymore” shields said on The Today Show In 2013.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – MAY 8: Andrea Agassi attends The Love Behind Food Danone photocall on May 8, 2019 in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain. (Photo by Europa Press Entertainment/Europa Press via Getty Images)

In another interview with Yahoo Life, she shared her inspiration sayingWhat inspires and impresses me most about the female body is its sheer strength. It seems as if there is a primal cell memory in the female body. It can do so much.”

The story of Agassi’s married life with Steffi Graf


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Shortly after ending his relationship with ex-wife Brooke Shields, Agassi began dating German tennis great Steffi Graf. 2001 was the year of his marriage to the sevenfold Wimbledon Champion.


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The couple have been married for over twenty years and have two children. Jaden Gil Agassi, the eldest, is a born athlete who seems destined for greatness in baseball. In contrast, Jaz Elle Agassi, 18, is an avid tennis player.


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It is undeniable that Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi had a successful professional relationship. Not only were they great players, they were great husbands and wives.

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