'Rafael Nadal struggled to make eye contact', says legend

“Rafael Nadal struggled to make eye contact,” the legend goes

Despite being aware that the end is near, Rafael Nadal is not wasting any energy thinking about an early retirement at the moment. The 36-year-old Spanish tennis player and current world No. 3 is confident that his physique will allow him to stay active for long periods of time, giving him the opportunity to further improve on his Grand Slam record.

“Things can’t be prepared with a lot of time, I don’t think life allows for prediction, I don’t even think about it, it will be how it has to be. It is something that, if it has to be, will be.

With that in mind, we’re going to live it how we need to live it, and in the moment that it’s in, I’m on other things right now. I always say the same thing, you can’t prepare things that well, you have to live things naturally, I don’t think Roger (Federer) prepared it either,” commented the winner of 22 Majors.

“He had the send-off he deserved, it could have been out on the track, something that seemed difficult a few weeks ago but it was vital to him. I’m happy that he was able to say goodbye on the track, I would like to do that too, I know that.

But I don’t think about it because when you start thinking about it it means something isn’t working, at that moment my head is telling me I still want this to continue,” added the Mallorcan. Rafa has weighed on a number of physical issues that could be crucial if he decides to put an end to his impressive career.

For now, she hopes to regain her strength, be with her husband when their first child is born, and think about tennis again later. How many years do you think Rafael Nadal has left in his career?

Federer responds to Nadal

Roger Federer recalled the days when Rafael Nadal first hit the tour as a teenager.

“I remember coming on tour as a little boy, being quite shy, very flamboyant and outgoing on the pitch, but other than that he was very shy. He struggled to make eye contact,” said Roger Federer. “Over time, he became a very strong personality, also more confident and had his own path, which I was happy to see.

Today it’s just fascinating to see how we always keep a very strong bond despite all the rivalries and all the tough games we’ve had. I think it comes from the connection that comes from our parents, from our teams and from so many big games that have gone both ways and I think it’s nice that we have that kind of relationship today,” he added added.

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